5 Nutritious Chilla Types For a Perfect Breakfast Treat

Posted by VijaySingh01
November 27, 2017

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Whenever we think of Indian pancakes, chilla and dosa are two of the most common options that come to our mind. While dosa is an all-time favourite breakfast in South India, chilla is an equally popular choice in North India, especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Though both of them are truly favourites, today, we are going to introduce you to chilla which is a perfect protein-rich breakfast. These thin, delicious pancakes are made using different types of ingredients. If you want to cut carbs from your diet, a nutritious chilla is a safe choice for you. It needs very less time to cook and is also suggested by dietitians for weight loss. Usually eaten in combination with curd, green chutney or tomato chutney, some people even enjoy chilla with crushed jaggery and softened butter.

Preparing a chilla is no big deal and if you want to pleasure your taste buds with this yummy delight, here is a list of 5 nutritious chilla types for the perfect breakfast treat. Read ahead and cook them right away!

  1. Moong Dal Chilla

A moong dal chilla is North India’s answer to dosas. It is a source of pure protein, and you can also add extra flavours and nutrition to it with some greens, potatoes, green peas, and paneer. The blend of textures and flavours of this dish is lip-smacking. Overall, this food item like a meal containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals a body requires.

  1. Vegetable Oats Chilla

Don’t like oats? Don’t worry, oatsan be used to make many things apart from porridge. Mix it with spinach and carrots to prepare some delicious and healthy chillas. A quick and crispy delight, vegetable oats chilla can become anyone’s favourite once they eat it with green chutney. Apart from the yummy taste, this chilla has many health benefits. The biggest benefit of eating oats in breakfast comes from its high-fibre content. Even though fibre does not get absorbed, it has many health benefits such as stabilising blood sugars, lowering your cholesterol levels, and keeping you full for longer periods. A portion of oats each morning also helps constipation. So, a vegetable oats chilla is a win-win breakfast for you giving you a tasty treat and healthy delight at one time!

  1. Jowar and tomato chilla

This nutritious chilla is prepared with a healthy combination of whole wheat, jowar, and maize flour, making it an excellent source of vitamin A and protein. You could also cook your own version by combining other flours and relish it along with coriander garlic chutney.

  1. Rava Vegetable Chilla

This lavish and easy to make food item will come in handy for evening snacks or breakfasts when you don’t have any dough or batter. The quick-fix mixture of curd, veggies, and semolina needs no fermentation and can be prepared immediately. The most significant part is that this super tasty rava vegetable chilla can easily satisfy your hunger along with providing nutrition.

  1. Besan Chilla

This is very convenient and easy to make as the batter does not require any grinding, soaking or fermentation. You just need to mix together gram flour and a couple of readily-available spices, and you’re ready to cook the chillas.

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