5 Tips For Movie Lovers Who Have No Time For Homework

Posted by Laura Buckler
November 13, 2017

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Do you often find yourself thinking SO much homework, such little time that it’s not funny. Or are you guilty of procrastinating your homework so you could catch that latest movie? Either way, many students get into serious trouble for not turning out their homework on time. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to make productive use of your free time. Here are 5 tips for movie lovers who have no time for homework:

Start Your Work At School

There are some smart students who start homework while they are at school. You can catch some time between periods. You can work between breaks. In fact, if you get stuck, you have quick access to your professors as well. You can consider cutting out a few extra curricular activities. Do you need that part time job you took for extra money? You could opt out of those other hobby or interest activities you took, to make more time for homework.

Organize Your Working Area

To make the best productive use of your time, you need to organize the way you work. Find an ideal space to work in. A space that is not too comfortable (like your bed). Make it distraction-free. Ask your siblings to not play the TV or music on loud while you study. Make sure you have all the stationery you need at hand. Stock up on extra pens, paper, calculator and other related materials. This way you won’t have to get up and lose more time in the process.

Know Who Can Help

You can get help from your parents who may be kind and smart enough to help you out some certain assignments. Maybe your dad is good at science and your mom, at literature. Or you could hire external help to get the assignments done it for you. You may have to get a part time job to be able to pay for the services, but at least you will get your homework done on time.

Prioritize Your Assignments

Now you’ve got the time and you’ve your space and materials ready to begin working on your homework. Break down your tasks into different priorities. Segregate them into high, medium or low priority.. Depending on the due dates, break them up in the priorities. Give a deadline a day before the actual deadline. Leave the extra-credit assignments for another time. Those work best for the time you fail a subject, skipped a major assignment or fell ill. Do the hardest things first and get them out of the way.

Give it your 100%

Now that you’ve finally sat down to do your homework, do only that! Unplug from all other devices such as the iPad, and your phone. Just work on the computer if you have to. While you do, close all other applications, such as your email, social media accounts. Shut all down until you finish what you started to do.

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