5 Ways To Fight Bullying In Schools

Posted by Namrata Kotak
November 7, 2017

Some things are often mistaken as a ‘child’s play’. When in reality – there lies a bully! When a kid returns home from school, all bruised up and swollen with scratches, you shake your head thinking the wound as ‘just another fight’. But it’s not just another fight!

Bullying has been going on for quite a while now, it’s about time we pull our chin up and stand against bullies, and perhaps, make the world better for the youth of the future!

Here are the 5 ways that can help in reducing bullying:

1. Take Action

‘Don’t just watch it happening, do something!’ If you’re about to encounter such bullying, take a stand, it’s up to you to take the matter in your hand and stand up against them. If you’re in school – call for the teachers and professors. In the playground – call either a random citizen for help or the police. Eventually, there is always a way out of such things.

2. Campaigns and Awareness

Many people might not know now if it’s just a jest or a bully on a go. It’s up to us to release the campaigns and awareness programs to stop the torture and abuse. To prevent bullying is the major key here, this could only be possible if there are anti-bullying campaigns in schools and colleges. The posters to eradicate bullying and everything that may help to stop the filth.

3. Rules and Regulations

The schools and colleges need to set the rules and expectations to stop or reduce bullying. The rules should cover multiple situations and preventions. The schools should be consistent in enforcing the rules and students must be taught the same. This may not only help in fighting bullying but will also the teachers to keep the classrooms well-managed.

4. Open Communication

A child should not be afraid of speaking up or sharing what’s inside. It’s the duty of the parents to ask about their lads’ well-being and communicate with them on a daily basis. If the child is still very composed and complexed – get help of their friends or classmates, they might just tell you the truth. Keep the records of the child’s behaviour and grades in the system. Because in the end, it’s all about emotions.

5. Remove Labels

Labels are often followed with bullying to the point where we can say, labels are the main problem. The names that are given to the victims can be the reason why the person is getting bullied. It’s up to the students to clear the labels and tags given to the victims and save them from the dark hole. School can also adapt the ‘No Label Policy’ programs to prevent bullying. After all, judging someone is an inadequate treatment.