7 Elements to Make Your Interiors Look Outstanding

Posted by Manoranjan Sahu
November 14, 2017

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Everyone wants a well-furnished home. Some of you may be planning during your online shopping sessions while others thinking on how to. In either case, the endeavour is to achieve a certain exclusivity, which will make your home look beautiful and unique from others.

So, how does one make their home look different and unique from others? Through accents, yes, decorative elements can help make home interiors look outstanding and you will find most available on your favourite online shopping sites. Wondering which ones to go for? Keep reading to know more.

Accent Chair to Anchor Your Space

Add an accent chair as it will stand different in terms of style and colour from rest of the furniture around. In other words, if your furniture colour scheme is neutral or pastel, add a bold-vibrant colour chair. But if most of your furniture wears a dark shade then use a soft or neutral shade accent chair. Why? One, it will add an element of pizazz to your decor, and two, it helps hold the space together. A Wingback, slipper, club or even a barrel chair makes a great accent piece. Versatile in nature, as the name suggests, it accentuates a space be it living room, study, or even the bedroom. Never disappointing in creating impact and excitement.

Print Upholstery for Visual Interest

Image Source: afydecor.com

Nothing lifts the interior mood the way fabric upholstered furniture can. I am specially emphasising on print fabric sofas here. They help create a beautiful space which wears a personal touch and proves inviting. A personal favourite of mine is floral print sofas. These are so very cheerful. You can go ahead and experiment with geometric, abstract or animal prints too. The deal with fabric sofa is they are versatile. Having the potential to create traditional, modern and rustic looking interiors. Apart from this you get the fine details right from tufting to piping or welting to brag about.

Raw Wood for Rustic Feel

Yes you read it right. A log coffee table stands distinct and certain of being a conversation starter. Friends and guests visiting your home are bound to be taken by surprise and likely take home a slice of inspiration from your taste for unique decor. The admirable thing about log coffee table is that it naturally blends in any interiors without looking cheap or odd, and at the same time accentuates the set-up effortlessly. A tree trunk coffee table is must-have if you want to create a Scandinavian inspired space.

Murals for Some Whimsicalness

Do not leave your walls blank. Murals are the ultimate fashion forward step you can take to make your home interiors look different from others. Murals are easy to paint on walls and easier to remove when you have a different design in mind or perhaps if you are moving. Wow your guests by welcoming them to an enchanting world of your own. With murals on walls, conversations can be more intense and deep as they give a very homey effect to your personal space. All the more better, isn’t it?

Curtains for Elegance

Curtains hold the super potential to lend style statement to your space, your home. This means curtains are one of the vital deciding elements for your home interiors as they add a dollop of chicness, sophistication and drama. They altogether present a different look and help give your space a homey appeal. One of my personal favourites is laced curtains. DIY trick: pair white lace with your favourite colour curtains. Here is an important tip. Hang a window curtain closer to the ceiling and it will make the room appear taller and larger.

Plants for a Dose of Freshness

Why plants? First, for a daily boost of endless breathable fresh air. Second, for a beautiful natural touch to your interiors. There are various indoor plants available in the market, which can help transform your mundane set up into something fresh and inviting. A prayer plant, snake plant, Chinese water bamboo or other small indoor-friendly plants in beautiful pots will look wonderful on tables and windows. A dragon tree or palm plant for the floors. One can also hang plants n beautiful baskets, some of them are money plant, spider plant and golden pathos. They add a certain charm. The thing with plants are they can be ice breakers.

Lightings for Highlights

Enlighten your home interiors through lights. Without good lighting all details of your fine furniture, beautiful walls, gorgeous floorings and opulent curtains can be lost. Many people fail to understand the potential it has to make or break the interior scheme. Accent lighting adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. Fix different LED lights to your home but before do your research and if possible consult an interior designer. Add beautiful pendant lights, wall mounted lights or regal chandelier to create a beautiful and pleasant ambience. String lights on wall can become a picture gallery if placed wisely. It is not just the lights but the beautiful and different designed shades in which these lights are enveloped that play a crucial role in accentuating your interiors.

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