7 Top Points for Your Carport Designs

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November 23, 2017

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Just like you and your family need a roof over your heads, so does your car. A carport is the perfect shelter for your vehicle. If you are reading this and you don’t know where to start on carport designs, you’re in the right place. This shelter can replace a garage. It will usually have just a roof but sometimes people add walls. Nevertheless, a carport will generally be completely enclosed. You can simply use metals, wood and other materials for car shelter designs.

Here are some tips for completing your very own carport.

Try not to Make it Look like an Afterthought

Even if your carport plans are an afterthought, you don’t have to make it appear like one. A lot of homeowners make this mistake and end up having a shelter that sticks out like a sore thumb. Try to build this project like an extended section of the house and not an extra inclusion.

Let it Match the Style of your House

The style of your home should largely influence your car shelter plans. If the style of your house is older, don’t think you can get away with a modern looking carport. That is not going to look good in any scenario. In the same way, it should be modern to match your modern house if that is the case.

Use Identical Materials to those used on Your House

The materials for your carport plans should be exactly the same, or as identical as possible, to the materials used to build your house. You can lean towards stainless steel or aluminum materials because they don’t rust but try to match it to what your house is made of.

Use Colors that Supplement that of Your House

You can choose a color palette that will match your house exactly or one that will supplement it at least. You want balance in your carport blueprints and color will do this for you.

Position it to the Direct Entrance of the House

Your car shield plans have to lead to the entrance of your house. This is especially good for the rainy seasons so you can enter your house without being soaked up. It is also convenient to come out of your car and reach your house easily.

The Decision of Size

Your car shelter plans can be s big or small as you need depending on the number of vehicles you own. The expanse of your driveway will also influence this decision.

Look Up Regulations of Your State

Local state rules and regulations might require you to have a permit before executing your carport blueprints. You need to know what the law requires before moving forward.


If your house doesn’t have a shelter for your car or you need to add some more room for all your vehicles, using our tips for carport designs will prove very useful to you. This is a great way to get started on your carport project.

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