A Few Tips for Blood Testing before going to a Blood testing lab for Your Needs

Posted by Dr LalChandani Labs
November 28, 2017

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For people who are and who are not afraid of needles and blood, drowning your blood for testing is not something you are eager to do. Read out these tips to make this process a little easier.

  1. Reach the lab early.

If you have a fasting test, try to reach early in the morning and get it done. Mostly labs gets open early in the morning so if you feel hungry or weak before you eat your breakfast, carry your snack or juice with you to the lab and have it after your blood test.

  1. Let the lab people do their work.

Lab technicians are specifically trained to draw blood. They touch your arm; feel for a vein to drown the blood. Sometimes veins are difficult to find. But don’t worry, they are experts and they know what they’re doing.

  1. Drink enough water.

Drinking water keeps you hydrated and having plenty of water before you have you blood drawn is a good idea. Even have another glass of water after your blood is taken to replace your fluids.

  1. Answer the questions and follow the instructions.

Tell them what they need to know and follow their instructions. Make their job easier by following them as it will also lessen them pain. Answer to every question truthfully so that you are free to ask any question.

Don’t pull away or move around. Try hard to relax and don’t forget to breathe in the whole process. Don’t feel nervous and focus only on breathing.

  1. Ask if you need to fast before testing or not.

Many blood tests require fasting for accurate results. This means you can have nothing after dinner and before you go to the lab. Take 12 hours as your measurement and if you are going to the lab at 8 am, start fasting at 8 pm the night before.

  1. Apply the Bandage:

Bandage is applied after the needle is removed. Follow the instructions and even if you think you’ve stopped bleeding, taking away the bandage too soon could result in bruising.

  1. Don’t forget to eat.

The whole process probably takes few minutes, now even if you are rushing for work; don’t forget to have your breakfast and lunch for energy and to keep you moving forward in the right, healthy direction.

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