A Gentleman and a Lady

Posted by Siddharth Bhati
November 18, 2017

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A few days back.

I was talking about.

What love really is.

Sort of universal love.

So, again I’m here to talk about some practical things in life.

Like Good manners and Morality.

How many of you have heard the word Gentleman and lady?

Do you know the real difference between a man and a gentleman or a woman and a Lady?

Well, I may help you in this aspect.

So i will not distinguish between the two gender.

It’s just because Gentleman and Lady both are the same.

So if there is a gentleman and if there is a lady standing, there will be no difference between them in their manners and morality.

I don’t know about other countries, but manners and moral education in India as a curriculum is missing.

Science and commerce dominate children minds than kindness and hospitality.


A lot of examples will be there.

First of all,

Being a gentleman and being a lady, doesn’t mean that you have to be financially good or physically attractive.

Well, these things hardly matter.

It’s being a gentleman or a lady isn’t a materialistic idea it’s a selfless symbol.

So whenever there is a gentleman or lady he/she becomes a symbol of sympathy, kindness, love, and compassion.


First things first,

How a gentleman or a lady behaves?

I think they have high moral values.

But, most importantly they are selfless in everything they do.

From giving a seat to an old woman.

To talking politely to waiters, drivers and others who earn less than him.

He or she usually sacrifice their own comfort for others.


For them, kindness is like duty.

Giving seats.

Opening doors.

Holding doors.

Helping people.

They find happiness in doing so.

And, what say About their moral values.

They are highly ethical in terms of everyday life.

They will bear the loss of money but they won’t bear the loss in values and principles.

They can face discomfort but they won’t let others face it.

Now its turn for some examples.

One day, I and my friend were going somewhere.

So there I saw that an old aged man was carrying too heavy a luggage.

Means, he was just in pain.

I thought maybe it’s time to intervene.

So I and my friend carried the bag to somewhat distance.

And the uncle was relieved.

Generally, people don’t ask for help as they are shy.

But, we can see them in distress.

And can ask to help.

Similarly once, A girl was not in good health and she had vomited.

So, I asked her if she needs help.

She said “No”.

So this doesn’t mean that you will take the “No” to your ego

You did your job that’s it.

Moreover, it also doesn’t mean that you will give help to even those who don’t need it and you can see it.

Like there was an old man he was carrying a bag with ease.

So I knew that man was comfortable so really didn’t help.

Now, tourists.

Well, once I was traveling in the airport metro and there were few tourists (foreign) who were finding it difficult to operate the token operating machine.

So as I had also to take a token, I went to the machine.


A woman asked me “Could you help us also?

I said” Why, not”

So, in process, i was teaching her about how to operate the machine so she could use it without any help next time.

So she was delighted to get that knowledge.

Friends, tourists leave their country and come to ours just to witness our country’s culture and traditions.

They are like strangers to unknown lands.

So helping them becomes our duty.

It’s just they are our guests.

Do you want them to take bad experiences from our country?

Absolutely not.

Now there is always a dilemma to whom to offer your seat in metro or bus.

I think I can end this dilemma.

I will talk about, what I generally do.

So giving seats to middle-aged women n, senior citizens, physically disabled and, men and women carrying children is a must.

Means, giving seat is a must here. (for me)

The reason, I think it’s reasonable.

Now about young women and men.

The situation depends,

For example, there was a girl who was wearing heels and when the metro jerked she fell on me.

I then thought.

That this girl needs to be seated.

Just because if the train jerks again she will again fall and may get injured.


I think I have given enough examples.


Coming to being a Lady.

I think many girls behave really well.

The way they talk and kindness they show speaks all about their ladylike qualities.

And, it’s totally irrespective of what you wear.

Once I saw, a heavily tattooed young girl giving seats to everyone and she nearly stood 3-4 times and each time she gave the seat to someone who needed it.

So society might have thought or perceived differently about the tattooed girl but once she showed her selfless nature, I was sure that she was A lady.

So it doesn’t mean that a gentleman is always in a suit or a lady in a gown.

A Gentleman and a Lady can be found anywhere and everywhere.

It’s just their qualities which do the talking not their clothes or gadgets.


Be a gentleman.

Be a lady.

You will certainly feel good about being so.

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