A Letter To My Future Self

Posted by Ankita Dash
November 15, 2017

To my future self, 12 nov 2013

I hope that time has been kind to you in these three years and that you are doing well. I can’t predict what your life is like but it’s likely that you must have graduated and probably become a successful architect. I guess you must have gained a few pounds by now for the kind of foodie you always were.

There is nothing lovelier than receiving a letter from the person you trust with everything, someone who knows the tiniest detail about you. I know you would be missing those good old college days. You would be wishing to time-travel back here into those carefree days.

I know the world turns worse with age. The negative things magnify with your maturity level. Whatever may be the situation, you need to find your own fulfilment in your life. Whatever comes along your way, accept it with ease and everything will eventually just fall into place.

Originality and individuality are two important morals that if you abide by, never let you down. By the time this letter will reach in your hands er.. mailbox to be precise, I must have vanished into thin air but I will exist in your memory.

Unfortunately, this is a one-way communication and we shall never meet. As I have done my job, you remember to do your bit to keep your future self grounded.

Remember, to be honest, to be content and most importantly, to love.

Happy 23rd birthday.


Your younger version.