A Letter to 13-year-old Me

Posted by Kaushik Meena
November 23, 2017

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Dear 13 year old me, life has changed a lot.
The struggle has a new definition now.
Plenty of things have happened till now, it’d be awful if I didn’t show you the glimpses of those incidents.
I’ve been through plenty of ups and downs, made new friends, had a laugh, fought and lost few friends as well.
I’ve experienced couple of things you’re just dreaming about,
Had my first kiss, composed my first poem and my first love letter.
Been in love, in love with her, with life, with me,
Been through heartbreak, cried, drunk dialed.
By the way I’ve been traveling a lot, I won’t tell you exactly where but you’ll come to know.
I have tried to improve ourselves too.
Despite everything, I still laugh at those silly mistakes I’ve made, but I don’t have any regrets.
As if dressing badly, making a blunder out of myself.
I’ve been making mistakes frequently these days too and learning few lessons out of them.
You’re going to have a great deal of trust issues with the people you’ll meet, especially the ones in your outer circle.
You need to become mentally strong now because there’ll come situations where you will be left all alone.
I know you feel adulthood will be awesome. Yes it will be, but it’s challenging too.
But in a desire of growing up at earliest, I missed my teenage life. And now I think of it as the biggest mistake of my life. I wish you would the live your teenage life to the fullest, and not repeat the same mistakes that I did.
I miss alot of things from your time.
I miss school and the morning assembly,
I miss being that spontaneous guy who would do almost anything without giving a thought about it.
I miss those long vacation and falling in love every single day.
I miss hanging out with friends daily and having no sense of responsibility.
I miss alot of other things too,
Be that as it may, above all I miss being YOU…

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