A request from Your daughter.

Posted by Xenna Rachel Malik
November 18, 2017

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Mom, you don’t understand,

I don’t want a comforting life,

not anymore.

I want to know life,

talk to him and make my way through.

not hiding my problems under

the jewels of pleasure to mask the pain.

I know you think following protocol bring system and stability,

But this stability would be the insects,

that would crawl on my body surface

each night,

and feed of my soul,

when I would regret my life,

and curse you with my mind.

I know you have seen things much worse

than I can actually imagine,

and you are scared for me making mistakes.

But I must remind you that I am a big girl now,

I want to enter in this harsh world,

and make it soften  a bit,

on my own decision,

not when it is shoved down my throat by My teachers

with my hands tied behind my back

with tears in my eyes

and you stand there doing nothing

And calling it  as ‘part of life’

I love you but please don’t make me do something I don’t want to.

I want streams of knowledge not a pay raise.

please don’t let me go if you do,

let me know.

It would mean no harm to you,

cause you did hat the world expected of you,

goodwill of your child.

but that day your princess would die.

not once,

not twice,

but  with each breath i would let out my regrets with a sigh.

This  cruel world would win and  we would lose.

We were supposed to be the best of teams.

mom please don’t let poetry crumble to let society sooth its pain.

help me grow fond of  life and set up my mind and I have courage to blame every mistake as mine.

the time of decision making arrives soon,

my fate lies within your hands .

your one Leap of Faith Might change many lives including mine.

I want to be someone’s home just like you.

but I must tell you about this,

I bleed every night,

because of the silent trauma I go through.

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