a smoker’s rant

Posted by Hanzala Mojibi
November 8, 2017

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Hitler was a tyrant. History has taught this to us time and time again. But nothing is better at teaching us than the present. To truly understand the evil tyranny of Hitler, one must visit Delhi in times like these. Looking like Mussoorie, feeling like Beijing, we are the largest gas chamber to have ever been engineered. I use calculated words; ‘engineer’ is used precisely. We fail to address the problems still. With road accidents, lung and other diseases common, we need to do something. And although my problem was teensy, having held a man’s hand thinking for it to be a railing and being at the receiving end of a disgusted and confused look for quite some time, I stand against pollution.

Many are afraid to state one of the main causes for this condition as Delhi chokes yet again. The Supreme Court panel that passed the ban on firecrackers consisted justice AK Sikri and Ashok Bhushan, both followers of the religion in discussion, who clearly stated that this had nothing to do with religion. It is not a compulsion in any way to burst crackers for Diwali. The other major reason is the burning of crops in the neighbouring food producing states of Haryana and Punjab. Ah! Food; it’s true that sometimes the ones you love the most hurt the most. We must impart basic knowledge to our dear farmers. Or bring them for a nice prolonged airy tour of the Capital in an open top bus. Or both.

In a city where ‘muh mat khol!’ (Don’t dare open your mouth!) is not considered an offense but a very heartfelt advice, change is must. And soon too. Till then, my lungs look forward to settling in Bangalore and bathing in Hookah which is still better.

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