A story about our routine Lives

Posted by Sailesh Kumar
November 17, 2017

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A routine story

“Today is my day” I woke up from my bed motivating myself with a little discomfort itching behind me in the spine… It was around 5 30.. I got to tiptoe to the hall as my 5 years old son ritesh is having a good sleep… He would wake up for the slightest disturbances around a considerable range… After brushing my teeth, I got to prepare coffee for myself, but before that i thought of arranging my papers that i had worked for weeks to make a presentation to the foreign companies visiting our company… It would be a big mess and unnecessary tightness if radhika had replaced my documents somewhere, but I was fortunate… i went through them carefully line by line and arranged them in an order… After having finished that, i moved onto another segment to rejoice myself with some coffee… But the worst part is that i got to prepare them stretching myself… While preparation, could feel a sense of buzz around the back of my head… After sometime the intensity became stronger and i rushed to the balcony as i struggled to breathe in… My wife radhika came from the bedroom in her half-conscious state and asked,
“what are you running after”
I was taken aback by that question, with that i said
“What made you ask that”
“You were rushing out, so I just figured out by your action”
“right, cool, it would be nice if you could make Some coffee”,
She just nodded and left the place… I was taken away someplace, leaving behind my physical existence and i was lost in thoughts… After sometime, i watched at the clock and it was about to 7 30 and i got to be there at 9 30 atleast, but I have to, yet bath and eat… I pushed myself and took a shower… After that i continued with my breakfast and i was again perplexed with the same bad sensation… At that time my son appeared rubbing his eyes with both hands and sat in my lap, kissing me in the cheeks… With his hands behind my neck, he asked,
“what are you thinking about dad”
“What made you ask that”
“Then why haven’t you eaten your food”
I blabbered and finally accepted
“yes son i am thinking, its about my project that i had been dealing for the past few weeks”
“Oh, your homework ” with that he raised up and moved a few feet, turned back and said
“you have completed all your education and still suffering from this , ‘poooooooh’ “
I got nothing to reply for this nor he would lend me his ears to listen to this… i just rushed onto the garage to take my car after having waved a leaving sign to my family as i left my breakfast half completed… With a furious tone, i Drove my car with a challenge in front of me that i should pass the anna salai before the traffic moulds in… The scenery of the sun waking up from the sea was just a cherishing view and there were thousands of people at the beach and a woman on the stage addressing the crowd… Her words were motivating the people and they looked one another like they have realised themselves of what they had been doing these days and how that had reflected on the society in a bad manner… Her boisterous voice reaching my ears were exactly this,
“A teenager, walking with his family just saw a huge amount of plastic or rotten vegetable heap and immediately he turned towards his father and started talking why does this society never change dad… Where does this all lead to… His father patiently moulded his concern by saying that, you mind your business first…. That’s it, the end of argument… There are more boneless pricks like him forgetting the reality that it’s their duty to clean up this society… And parents too want their children to be kept under a shelter… Then what to do with the terms like self confidence and will power… They would just remain dead until they are really dead”… Bliss i felt… This pleasant feel inside me would definitely add up to my presentation… With this thought being floated away as reality came in tormenting, ‘not this’ i said to myself as i slowed down in the traffic… It was humongous… I cried from inside losing my confidence… A police man came from nowhere as he had heard my suffering and he started diverting the cars to his right hand side allowing only two wheelers to pass on… “fuck” i shouted from within, its a new road and now I doubt myself that whether i reach the office or not… I rushed through with high speed responding to my agony and i got to hold my horses with a reality, as people crossed the roads from both sides… I stink and it was smelling for myself, i don’t know would bear me… It was around 10 30 as i reached my office through various streets directed by so many people… I slowed down to the garage parking my car and waited for 2 minutes to check is everything okay! But with a sullen face i got down from the car as nothing was okay… Though my whole body was heated up, unable to move further i pulled myself and rushed onto my cubicle taking the lift… I just with straight head facing none moved to vinay, project head, after having seated for sometime in my cubicle… There was a quote, “The real me” with a boy holding a bag and staring a bird fly above his head, I nodded to that pasted in the doorway of his office and entered in pushing the doorway… He was facing the other side talking to someone in the phone and i got to wait until his sight falls on me… There was a thought, me saying “hey fuck turn around, who are you talking to, your ugly girlfriend” … I just pulled myself from this thought and waited with my hands folded facing him… Time just slowly passed and it was around 15 minutes, i was standing in the same position tightened… Now if I move out it would be my bad luck if he sees me in that way and ask where are you leaving and if I stay here i got to stand… “Fuck” i felt like a deer waiting for the lion to have a feast… After 15 more minutes having completed his phone talks he turned around and asked,
“Hey ishwar, how long have you been waiting… Why don’t you interrupt me…” Maybe i could have tried that… Politely i said,
“no sir, its fine”
“So whats the matter man”
“Sir, actually today there is a schedule planned with the foreign delicates”
“yeah, so”
What is he expecting me to say, a confession
“I am not in time, so it must be a problem sir”
“So, what would’ve happened in the mean time”
Why is the lion playing with deer, the deer is just ready for the feast…
“Sir” i blabbered
“Great, actually those people had an accident on their way through the beach so they have postponed it for the next week”
Misconception, the lion actually had its feast and its dancing now, asshole…
“okay sir, fine”
“I could hear your inner voice, you would be calling me fucker…. Right”
No fucker, ‘asshole’ fucker
“No sir, why would I”
“Fine sweet heart and there is a little more contribution that i need from your side… There is a little work undone by sumithra actually, and you got to complete that process and upload it within tomorrow… She’s admitted for delivery and it takes atleast three weeks to see her back in action, so the work allocated to her is split upon everyone, so you are not alone man”
“yes sir, if it’s alone too its totally fine sir”
“okay, modesty at its best, right, i want you to lend me your ears for a while as these words are important”
Chamber of secrets, maybe
“Yes sir” i said politely
“This is not an asylum nor everyone is crazy…. First of all believe that and employees concern is most important… You work for me and I work for someone, this is all a roundabout business if we lose you that is a fall, if they lose me that is also a fall… No one is special nor different… Everyone is the same, Every single piece is important considering the peon also in that matter… Then think ‘why the company should hire us’… There are thousands of people ready with their resume to wipe you off and place their asses with their talent… We sleep at night, just to wake up in the morning… This is our system and this is how the world works…”
It was like a blow and there was pitch silence that a single tap would collapse a whole building and after sometime the phone vibrated “brrrrr” breaking the silence and he asked
“Did i leave anything”
“No sir”
“Then, I got to go” with that he moved out of the room leaving me inside… This speech changed the whole point of view that i had over him and pulled in someway to just work for him… Whole hearted devotion… I came out of the room and now I got to get the burden left undone by sumithra from omar… I got to first of all search him… I called him and he appeared in the stair case holding a heap of files covering his face… Having seen me from his right eye, he handed over the heap to me and asked me to wait their while he moves to fetch her files… Someone from behind shouted ‘watch out’ and i just turned, my legs tangled and i just rolled over like a ball and hit my face right in the wall and moved to unconscious state while I was covered with that heap… Soon after i woke up, i was bedded in the hospital and a doctor in the room was talking to someone in the phone, she was a woman and it was the same woman that i saw few hours ago addressing a huge crowd… Having saw me, she just ended up her phone call and asked,
“Is everything okay”
In a drowsy state, holding my head i said
“yeah, okay”
“Fine, so how did this happen” she asked writing something in a paper
“I just fell through the stair case as i couldn’t hold the files in my hand, it was a heap actually”
She turned around searching for something and asked,
“So, why were you trying to control things”
“ep…. “ i blabbered as she was looking at the other side, not really waiting for my answer… she found a huge injection and slowly injected in my arm… Changing the topic i asked
“If iam not wrong, you were the person today at the beach addressing thousands of people”
“yeah its me” she said gently
“So is that your profession or this” with a cute smile around the corner of her lips, she said
“That’s just my other side, transformation… This is my job… So by the by iam ramya and yourself”
“Its very rare that doctors introduce themselves to their patients, anyway iam ishwar”
“I just thought, so just an introduction, Is there a problem”
“Not at all doctor, apologies form my side” I said with my hands raised like taking an oath… We both laughed and after that she continued…
“Would you join me for a coffee, actually i cannot suppress my temptation for coffee when it’s my time, 4 30” So we jumped to canteen and ordered for coffee placing ourselves a table facing the window side… After a brief thought, i started speaking, breaking the silence
“I too have a plan to join some campaigns and involve in the process of making this country pure”
“oh! ‘The unborn prince’… Then what holds you back”
“Yeah ‘unborn prince’ maybe, its just waiting for the time and it will be a boom…”
“right, so time seems to be the case, fine”
I nodded and having finished the coffee we moved out and before finally waving a good bye, she asked,
“so what’s next”
“I just got to deal with few files before going to sleep and from tomorrow, the routine story starts… Office, work… That’s it”
“oh, you are badly injured and why don’t you take a day or two days off, check is everything okay and move on with your regular schedule”
“yeah, we will see” I said and waved a goodbye to her moving onto the other side of the road with an uncertain expression,
“Where does this road lead me to”


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