Abhishek jha report in IIT Kanpur expulsions

Posted by satInder Singhal
November 25, 2017

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Reservation is totaly a political matter totaly lacking in good intentions for lower casts or for the well being of the whole society .While the politicians want to avail the services of best pilots, best maintenance engineers and best doctors they want to make unsuitable men as doctors , engineers  etc . The rail engine or the track does not care before breaking down that the maintenace engineer was from a reserve category . At the the same neither the viruses or bacteria or cancers bother let the paitient heal on their own because doctor is from reserve category . Nothing happened to polititians but it is the poor public  who die or get maimed in rail accidents or die due to poor judgment of such doctors.. There should be no reservation in engineering and medicine  in places where loss to general public is irreversible .In fact reservations in safe areas such as finace  ,banking at lower levels should be increased even to hundred percent for some time

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