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Addiction to Drugs is Paralyzing Youth in India

Posted by Ankit Shrivastava
November 7, 2017

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Visibility of each and every thing has a particular kind of history. The same way this universe, the solar system, planets, seasons, species , wars, boundaries and nations everything has a root cause of existence . The duration between the first bloom of necessity and the final touch of invention or innovation is scripted as the journey to existence.
About human being , the evolution phases and development phases have different problems and points of attraction as well. About problems if I ask someone to tell me the most ancient socio-economic problem after completion of the evolution phase, one of the most prominent responses maybe the addiction to chemical intoxication. It is really unhealthy but a truth. In fact research journals say that almost all cultures have used substances to alter consciousness i.e to heal in social arena. Modern world’s expanded chemical manipulation simply represent higher technical capacity, more wealth, more individual choice and lesser constraining social norms and peer/family standards. The constraining social norms and sanctions and cultural values,beliefs , customs ,art ,history etc. play an important role in the initiation, maintenance and rehabilitation of drug abuse (here I am using drug word in the general sense because we no more mean medicine from it ! ).It is necessary to bring it in light here that the social and cultural factors influencing the initiation of toxic substances’ use, vary from country to country, developing world to developed world,region to region and culture to culture .
Indian society which enjoys cultural diversity has a history of use of plant products viz. Cannabis ,opium and home brewed alcohol beverage . Here caste, religion,and local customs and traditions play a significant role in the choice of drugs, their consumption and their control in different classes of the population . Present scene is that, with, day by day increment India has 40% of its at-risk-drug-addicted-population under 18 years of age . According to the UN report ,it is estimated that around 50% of the students reaching 9th Grade have already tried any ‘gateway drug’. Addicted population of India is densely visible in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh (around 60%) and Uttar Pradesh and Haryana (around 35%) .The report about initiation of drugs during early teenage is again supported by the confession of 70% adult smokers that they started smoking on a daily basis prior to age 18.

The consequence of a process makes it a major or minor issue; so is with this. It drains out health as well as wealth and let misery prevail . We cannot classify something to be better only because it has come from a particular place which is recognised to be better. It is a truth that India’s present advertising strategy , fashion models, promotion celebrities, who have a tremendous impact on adolescent mind , appear to be imitating the more money-making models and make smoking seem attractive. Apart from this , there are factors playing crucial role as parental influence , peer influence ,availability and superstitions . We youth have unconsciously been trapped by business strategists who are exploiting our weaknesses and amuse us to move forward in the same way. We can see that there is an unending thirst of better brand in us . Except a few businessmen, the common strategy appears to make increment in the magnitude of wealth at the cost of values of life.
India has a history which speaks louder about Gokhale ,Govind Ranade, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai etc. In those tough days they dared and established their own educational institutions only for the sake of availability of an inspirational environment for youth. Deccan Education Society in Maharashtra, DAV Movement in Northern India, Ramakrishna Mission in Bengal are the lightening roots of our personality. But let me ask that would Tagore, or Rai would have ever thought that institutions established by them will have drug addict student in the future while establishing it ?

Are we yet having the same north-star as a nation?

I want to say it very clearly that the Nation cannot move forward with half of it’s shoulders paralysed.

The situation is adverse and we need to reverse it !

Youth themselves can dare to take this U-turn to lead in a survivable condition for future generations…

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