Posted by Umesh Gupta
November 17, 2017

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Don’t hurry and please don’t make up your mind about the ‘Title’.

What I want to discuss with you is totally different from our common thinking about Aids.Here I am talking about Average Indian Dream Syndrome(AIDS).

Yes here I am talking about Average Indian Dream Syndrome.Now have ever thought about our dreams.I think they are very common like buying a car,own a beautiful house,a handsome bank balance,a dream girl to marry,pension for security of future and so on.

But my thinking is that this disease of common pattern of dreaming is paralyzing and destroying our country.Because still we want every thing in our comfort zones and what about discovering new horizons,unravelling new elements of science,exercising new practises in education system,exploiting true potential of every Indian what they can achieve instead of singing glorious songs of our past.

This disease,I call it AIDS is stopping us from becoming super power like America And Russia.Because we are only following them and Remember we are not followers.Our history is not of followers,instead world has taken and learnt from us from Ayurveda to Ancient science.

so why are we looking for their help.It is the Syndrome that is stopping us from that.That’s why I call it AIDS(Average Indian Dream Syndrome).

Come-on,wake up,have a dream ,live it,achieve it but don’t have a common dream like every other Indian.Buying a house,a car,wedding a beautiful girl will automatically happene once you make it but these aren’t dreams to live for.Thank you…

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