Allen from different country.

Posted by CA Gaurav Modi
November 7, 2017

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How amazing is the journey of relocating of one country to another. Like I and people like me would be confused that how same and different(allien) are we together at same time. It’s my Day 7 in Europe and I just realised how difficult is to explain 1. Indian ascent English and 2. Understand European version of English specially at grocery stores and in public transport. 3. Finding Vegan food  4. Finding friends 5. Heartache paying 7 x of prices in India for Indian foods and that make me believe as I am allien from different country.

But on otherside the good things

  1. Culture is receiptive
  2. People stop by to help and even to help with Google Map to find location
  3. Politely accomodates 3 year rebilious kid.

Looking to be myself but at same time not allien in some time soon😆








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