Altering Reality- A Blue Rose Exclusive Release

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November 2, 2017

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In a span of two long years, the author Shivansh Sarin wrote about the phases of his life. How it went on a downfall and then a steady growth. How everything happening around him felt wrong and eventually when we looked back they were the important lessons he learned. He wrote short articles and stories about the daily happenings around him in a book. Two years later when he read all of it together, he noticed the immense evolution that he had undergone and how every mistake he committed was an extraordinary experience that helped him for a lifetime. He wanted to share it with the world because everyone deserves to know that committing mistakes isn’t wrong.

Shivansh says, “I started with writing on the internet. It wasn’t what most of us would do. We had better options, we had better people performing the same art. Initially, my writing skills and communication skills were not up to the mark either. But I always wanted to express myself and literature was my way of doing the same.
I learned there are many more talented people out there and also people who are more focused and determined. I could see that people succeed only after a lot of hard work and determination. People who graduated from a well-known college with a relevant degree had a better chance. There were various examples as to how others were succeeding. But I came to know about something new. There are a great number of people who were succeeding in an all-new manner on regular basis. I understood the concept of things happening for the first time. There are people who don’t have proper qualification neither do they belong to the literature industry, but they are doing good too. There’s always a first time for everything and I could be the first one too!”

Altering Reality is a book about the changing interests and emotions of a human with time. It’s a collection of short stories and prose where every heartfelt emotion of a human can be felt. The book is divided into four major parts and each one will remind you the good and cherished days of your life. The more you read the more you will learn that it was wonderful to commit mistakes. The more you will learn that experiences build you, running away from the problems takes you nowhere. The book is now available on all the major online stores.

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