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An Indian Girl @ 16

Posted by Devanshie Gajja
November 16, 2017

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What this blog really is?

*An Indian Girl At Sixteen_- What a shitty title, right?

Well, for your concern let me tell you ,this blog is not for your entertainment purpose , instead I wrote it for reaching to those assholes who still believe in the myth that girls are weak.

So, this book is to warn those guys..

That cowards be aware of me.. and my write ups.

Now , the next thing..

this book is not a fictional story and nor a real life incident.. this book is completely filled with the (narrow or open minded ) views of Indians.

*If you have any problem or you felt bad for any of the content-

It’s better for you not to read, because I won’t give damn.

* For Girls- Want to share anything?

Take initiative , and send me a private message.. I’ll feel glad to listen you and your confessions .



“Driving from my parents home to airport last Friday morning ,my mother. ..besides me ,contemplating, in her deep thoughts she evaded my talks . She , constantly watching outside the window of car .

She looked out at young trees sprinting..

and , suddenly started crying.. her face.. wan.. and pale..

*So , What happened to her mother? Why was she crying?

The narrator of above description is Kamala , and she was describing about her Amma (mother) in the above stanza.

Kamala is a pilot . When she tried to find out the reason of rolling down of her mother’s precious tears

Kamala found , that her mother’s past was hurting her soul.

Now lets talk about her mother..

Far from development, strong change resisting waves ,in an area where there was nothing but a dark ,dull room (slum school) was standing a paper seeming, tall girl, with her weighed down head..

No, not because she was punished , but her head was weighed down due to burden of her life,

oops!, No you are again getting it wrong. It was not at all an educational burden, instead it was the burden of responsibilities ..

The girl was constantly watching what is going on in the class , but unable to grasp a single lesson..

It’s not because she is out of her wits , but she was over burdened from responsibilities.


– Of her family, ( I’am not talking about her parents)

A sixteen years old girl was taking care of her family that is, her in laws, her husband and wow , her small boy child.

So our very first chapter starts with a girl ..oops ! SORRY again, an uneducated , married girl ( and a mother) at sixteen.. who is feeling helpless..because life for her was a burden.

*Funny…? …eh?-

Well.., if you ask me , I’ll blame that married girl. The only way to stop injustice is to revolt against it, but she didn’t even resisted. And I think she was also feeling guilty for the same ,

that is the reason why she provided higher level education to her daughter , who is pilot today.

( its shameful for me.)



This , update was just to draw attention towards respect for females, even if you didn’t liked it , it’s my humble request to give your honest reviews to start a debate..

(n private message me , if there is anything u want to confess or share, m there always..)

A sickening mindset : boys are assets, girls a burden..!!
“Assets = Ladka (Boy)

Liability= Ladki (Girl) ..”

What an innovative and commercial idea used by Shashank Khaitan in his Bollywood movie…

“Badrinath Ki Dulhania” for describing the actual position of girls in this so called typical “Indian society”

” Women play an important role in shaping the destiny of our civilization, yet the girl child, very often, not only faces neglect and disparity but sometimes the gravest forms of violence/crime. In India, traditions/rituals undermine the very existence of girl child. Despite tremendous hue and cry about gender equality and the enforcement of laws for achieving the same, a large number of new-born girls are still being dumped in the garbage, while the unborn female foetuses continue to be sniffed in the womb. Wrought with discrimination and prejudices, our society has often dealt the young girls/women with a rough hand, beginning even before their birth and following through infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood (including pregnancy and lactation) till the last leg of their life.

A daughter or woman is generally considered financially unproductive as her contribution is largely in the form of unremunerated family labour and, on the other, she alienates her parent’s property on marriage. Even in the present context of working women, who are financially productive, social perception does not change because apart from a few initial years, for the whole of her life she earns not for her parental but marital home. ”

_Media, plays it’s role, Society too, but just to show.

Each and everyone talks about & revolt against gender inequality , and especially on ” Women’s day”. But, what after then?

After then they ignore those uneducated young poor girls who work .. work till there hands turn hard and body turns red from hurt.. , just to earn some money (now where is liability) for her family . (makes me laugh )

And guess what?

Her family is a part of the same so called “Indian society group which is in the view of that girls are “liabilities”, The family members are the same who once tried hard to kill that girl on her birth.

And that stupid girl is still not revolting..

Wow.. She is not a goddess.. instead, a fool who can’t fight for herself.

And, for that …

M not proud to be a part of a Nation like India , where they say and show.. but, never bother to follow in their own life .

“Action Speak Louder Than Words..”

*Respecting girls?

Is not our cup of tea.. (“and we assets, proud on it)

*They Say, ” Devanshie , you are a negative being , you must draw your attention towards positive sights of your nation.”-

This is to tell you my friend. Positivity can make us feel better but never bring a change or puts full stop on people’s dominating, arrogant, rigid , suffocating and narrow views.

*There is a need for criticisers in our country.. (though, they are many) but criticisers in the sense who are intellectual, honest and broad minded .

*Like me! –

I’am a criticiser. And, you too can be the same .. but, no.. it need guts to speak fearlessly , and putting an honest point without hesitating in front (in against) of a large narrow minded majority.

“You have to speak for your own self”

*Note to readers-

just because I’am writing this stuff doesn’t mean , I’am facing it . M observing it and taking initiative to stop it.

*because m not that weak to be broken down by any of those criticising demons.

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