An Open Letter To Vidya Balan From A Fauji.

Posted by Pramod Pal
November 13, 2017

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Dear Vidya!

Myself Pramod, A big fan of you. I have seen almost all the films from Parineeta to latest Begum Jaan.Your Mind blowing acting in KAHANI and DIRTY PICTURE really won my heart and made me crazy about you.Since then I always have your wallpaper wearing Saari on my mobile screen because in sari you really look very beautiful.

For the first time I am writing an open letter to someone, but not like a fan, but like a soldier. You recently gave statement supporting  #ME TOO blaming a soldier for staring your breast. Obviously, you will be staggering at that time.And if someone else was there in your place, it would also have been a very bad experience for her. Actually, you really did a lot of courage at that time, I appreciate you for that.But now with the latest statement, I do not agree. Why? Let me tell you.

Firstly because the person who used to stare at your breast, you did not reveal his individual identity, but due to his uniform, you simply dishonored the entire Fauji.Those who protect you from enemies and other disasters, you portrayed them as the sexual abusers.  I am afraid that any Fauji may file a defamation case against you.

Secondly, after staying in the industry for so many years now, you know how many times you have flaunted your assets performing in different movies. I still remember your deep cleavage in Dirty Picture and your naked back in Begum Jaan.You made so many fans due to your Beauty and all.

I can never forget Nasiruddin shah pulling out your red sari in Dirty Picture.It was an amazing scene.Isn’t It?  you just stopped the breath of everyone.They all were just staring at your navel and other beautiful assets you exposed on the screen. but now, how do you feel being harassed by staring at your breast? Just because one was your profession and the other human nature or you can say a tendency of a Man.

I think it must not be treated as sexual harassment but yes I may be wrong also.


It would have been better if you wanted to support #ME TOO, then you must share your experiences which you have faced in the industry. But you played a safe game. It is a matter of fact that you have to stay in the industry, and have to work to earn money, so you did not show courage to go against those people.

I am not against feminism even I am a feminist myself and also respect women but my love is equal to my uniform. But today there must be a debate on whether the soldiers can be respected as a brother only.Why everyone treats them as Fauji Bhai.Even AKASHWANI  too airs a programme for Fauji Bhai not for Faujis.Definitely, they are military personnel but the men also. They can become someone’s husband and friends also. Do not look at them only with the eyes of the brother.So

Well, this was a mischief of a soldier.Now as of your fan, I am passionately waiting for your upcoming movie Tumhari Sulu, and listen to your sweet voice and Yess… to see you in the sari also. And please don’t mind if Fauji Talks hurt you. And I hope girls will not only run to Fauji for the Rakhi but will also run toward them to tie a not with them.

Thank you.

An Indian Fauji


(Writer is an Airman serving in Indian Air Force )

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