Animal Sacrifice – A religious belief or Superstition

Posted by sanghamitra chakraborty
November 15, 2017

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Animal sacrifice is a practice which is mostly associated with the shaktism tradition.This tradition is being carried out by the local tribe and most importantly this tradition is been carried out from ancient times in India There are many such festivals which is celebrated all over India and one of them is “garia” , these festival is celebrated in Agartalla in its capital city Tripura in India which is held annually on the first day of  Hindu calendar in the month of ‘Vaisakh’ ( mid april) for the welfare and community. Tribal people believe that garia is the benevolenty duty of the household and that is gives wealth,peace to those who worship it, Hence eggs and chicks are sacrificed and their is blood is sprayed before the diety. A rough estimate shows that the no of animals sacrificed is more than 5 lakhs.

Animal sacrifice is not a new concept, it was a concept which was followed and celebrated by the people of ancient India. It is believed that by sacrificing an animal the sacrificer confers upon themselves an immortal life, Although Animal sacrifice is banned on some places but still it’ is performed by the tribal community. The animal sacrifice also creates a problem of hygiene because of the blood shed . Animal sacrifice is also not confined to any single religion, this is a very sensitive matter dealt by the representatives of the people in the appropriate forum

By – Sanghamitra Chakraborty

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