Annihilating The Bard of Baroque

Posted by Shagun Kathuria
November 22, 2017

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The artistic flavour of a person comes out when he expresses it. The Beauty in the art, literature and the history is shown to people when it is beautifully presented. The way in which people recognizes the tradition and culture is all what it takes a creative mind to picturise! As a child, the grandma stories, history- English lectures were all picturised in the mind. The wars, Kings, Queens, castles were just a pictorial imagination of the brain. When actually seen in TV’s it struck the mind with an awe inspiring moments. The history and folk lores are all traded from one generation to another. Neither you nor I was born to see the actual events that took place. It was the storyteller who made it more interesting. Even a boring story can make jaw dropping moment. Provided the Bard has its unique way to create. When baroque gives so free way for its expression who are we to interfere with the one who gives our eyes the soothing picturesque beyond our imagination.

The recent protest which you may all be aware of has anything so criminal? that the issues are becoming ceaseless day by day?? Has the humanity drained to that period where there exists no sapien minds to think and to react??? The maniac protest is so high so outrageous that we really need to think where we are leading this issue. A film….its just a film but for some it’s more than a crime, bigger than a rape case, and gigantic than anyone’s life!  Idiosyncrasies of the mind find nothing but dwell in a pit hole. Ofcourse country gives you the right to freedom but not the right to kill and disrupt the life of someone. People are killing the eggs before they have been hatched.  A small decision.. Yet the biggest one. I want to ask do we know the real history?? Neither you nor I, so how come someone decide what has actually been taken place with no written records of history found? And how people without exploring to the core jump to conclusions??  Insane and how ideal people are! Truly people say when someone climbs the ladder of success… there are always people waiting to axe them down!

Where will this creative baroque go when it will be shut down and caged inside! Imagination cannot go beyond If it is not lead to go, where would one find the right kind of attitude?, when will this change come?, when will humanity progress? An eloquent dream will be shattered if the nation keeps fighting these unheeded insane problems. A mind can’t flourish if people annihilates the creative world of art. The historic elegancy portrayed will all be in vain if an issue like this keeps brewing. The nation is surely fighting a tremendous revolution!

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