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November 3, 2017

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I have been a huge fan of Sci-fi movies and worth to mention that every movie made by the Steven Spielberg, left me to yearn for more technology in my life. The way back ten years ago, everything seemed too much superficial and had no reality to go with it. Considering the Steven Speilberg’s idea of the world shown in the movie Minority Report, was somehow a little task and challenging in the past, but when I look around in the tech arena of today’s time, everything is different and changed and it is quite much similar to shown in the movies.


And the credit largely goes to Arduino UNO, if you try and get on the different forums related to Arduino UNO, you would be amazed to know that a BIGGER chunk of users across the globe is experimenting and inventing big time with the Arduino UNO only.

The only problem most of the innovators found is where to start with the Arduino project since the resources availability is quite limited and is not in ample amount with the quality assurance to let the beginners come to a step ahead and let their creativity lit the spark.  This is the most common problem which is followed by lack of training handling the Arduino UNO.

Indeed there are plenty of options to try in but the scarcity of quality laden projects hamper the flow of creativity, do you really think, this issue must be resolved instantly to remove the curb further, then for your attention, this issue is considered well by a leading name ‘‘Hobby and You’.

Hobby and you is nothing less than a hub of creative heads, who are working every minute just to provide the best possible resources to all the innovators with the adequate training. The team ‘Hobby and You’ has already achieved a recognition as the leading name in the field of aero modelers and radio control hobbyists and other sports and hobby equipment. Each and every product available on their portal is just a combination of quality and innovation.

If you are tired of finding the right destination to serve the pallet of your hobby, then getting in touch with the ‘Hobby and You’ to serve you with the utmost quality enriched Arduino UNO Kit, would be highly recommended. Also if you are willing to grab some hands- on training then Hobby and You team is at your service to make your innovative dream come true.

You can reach Hobby and You team at:


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