Stop Defending Your Gurus And Find Your Own Answers

21st century. Striving ahead in every field, people have now gained a new pace to make this world an active ball. Thriving technology is directly proportional to growing need for spirituality, nowadays. Wake up, work like a well-focused robot till dusk to find your body immensely worn out. You want someone to cuddle, yet you are scared of relationships. You want to end depression, yet you can’t tell anyone about it. Amidst all that, you search for someone or something to rely on, trust. Now here enter Babas!

Through the front gate of your belief, they rule your mind. They come to teach you about good and healthy living, show you miracles and what not! They become your God and your way to the spiritual path, and yes you believe that they changed you. They tell they are the messenger of  God, yet lead to suffering and dependency. You fight for them. You feel you have become peaceful, yet you can’t bear petty fights.

They teach what love is, but also molest women. They say wealth is temporary and earn in millions. They forbid technology, yet make movies with special effects. There is just one question, I have for you. Do you really need someone to guide you what is right or wrong? Didn’t your parents, your life experiences tell you the difference between right and wrong? You really know eating too many sweets leads to tooth cavity, don’t you? Isn’t peace something you find inside you?

Stop defending your gurus and ask questions, find your own answers, struggle for the most wonderful experience. Grow out of your comfort zone, treat your brain with knowledge and wisdom. Be aware of what is happening with you or anyone around you. Be conscious of beliefs which are brainwashing you, and stopping you from seeking the truth of life.

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