Are you aware of the facts about the Basic Equipment of Cricket?

Posted by Cosco India
November 27, 2017

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Cricket is a sport which is like a religion in India. As cricket is a game of bat and ball, the players are required to wear protective gear to prevent themselves from getting hurt. In this blog, we will discuss all the facts about basic cricket equipments and gears that the players use while playing the game.

Cricket Bat:

Made of wood, a bat is flat from the front and slender curve from the back with a conical handle from where the batsman holds it. It cannot be wider than 4.25 inches and longer than 38 inches. While there is no standard weight, most bats range between 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg.


Ball has a standard circumference of 9 inches; it is made of cork and is covered with leather. There are two colors of a cricket ball, white and red. The White ball is used for short matches like ODI and T20 and the red ball is used in test matches.


These are three cylindrical and long wooden poles of height 28 inches with shard end like a spear. The conical bottom goes into the ground so that the stumps stand erect in the ground. Two bails sit across the top of these three stumps and are equally spaced to cover a width of 9 inches.


A helmet is a headgear for the batsman and wicket keeper behind the stumps in order to protect their heads from the ball. It is made of a metallic grill in the front and hard plastic. A helmet is a must to avoid an accident in the field be it a throw, full toss or top-edged, which can hit the player’s head.



There are two different types of gloves, one is for batsmen which have thick padding on fingers and second is for wicket keeper which is an extra large side with the web between thumb and finger.


Leg Pads:

Batsmen and wicket keepers wear these to protect their lower limbs against the pace of the ball. They are made of leather and cloth and are very light in weight. The front portion is made of hard plastic and wood sticks which makes it hard. Pads of the wicket keeper are similar to batting pads but are shorter and lighter in weight, making them easier to move and dive around in.

Abdominal Guard:

It is worn to protect the private parts when batting against the cricket ball or any other hardball. It is made of high-density plastic with a smooth edge, also known as cup, box or cricket box and should be worn by all the players.

Other equipment used for protection are rib guard and thigh pad for the protection of chest and thigh respectively. Cosco recommends to always use the best quality guards for protection as much as you can and hope that you find these facts new and interesting.

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