Are you self-satisfied?

Posted by Yamuna Cmdoss
November 21, 2017

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They say “each day you are living someone’s dream, so be satisfied with what you have”. Here! But those aren’t your dreams, so how can you be happy by achieving or even living another person’s dream. These notions get publicly accepted so wide, that many a time it easily clouds one’s judgment.

If you expect a person be happy knowing he doesn’t have what he wants but however possesses something which someone in some corner of the world is aching for, then this is directly telling him to be happy in spite of not having what it actually should have taken for him to be happy. In simpler words just “deceiving your own self.”

It is not an unfamiliar fact that always being dissatisfied with life only leads to depression, and satisfaction from within is the main essence for a peaceful life. Howbeit on the contrary society also shouts out “only if you strive for more will you achieve greater heights”. Our society has this beautiful way to waive off in-capabilities by simply creating a notion, and this can be termed one of the most appropriate examples of it. Working hard seems not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s too difficult to put that sincere effort with persistence anyway, so create a notion about self-satisfaction.

“My business isn’t showing much growth.”
“Oh! No it is not as bad as the guy next door’s, I see him envy you so bad. Cheer up man! You are doing good, just be satisfied”

“Mom, think I should quit my job.”
“Say what? Are you crazy? There’s no way in hell you are quitting that job. Do you even have an idea how many people out there are jobless! and ache to be in a place like you. Just be satisfied with your current position, things will get better.”

Well, this way you begin to feel a little less guilty about giving up on your decisions. It’s not entirely true to say you haven’t achieved someone Else’s dream, but that momentary state makes us forget what the inner soul wanted for its happiness. These yieldings to ‘being satisfied’ throughout life makes one revolve around the fake happiness created merely with false satisfactions.

But then, sure enough the inevitable comes round the corner. The day of self-realization, when you look back and there is nothing you reconcile that was something you did on your own accord for your life, and those sacrifices that seemed insignificant in the beginning has slowly consumed your entire life. You never experienced the emotion of swelling up with pride when you accomplished something that you desperately wanted and without giving in to settling for less, achieved it.

But many a time as people realize this, they comprehend it’s too late, too late to recreate the world of their yearning. Having entered far too much inside this self-created bliss, the walls seem unbreakable, you realize that it’s not a wall, in fact a net that you have been spinning with your ‘resigning s’ for quite long and trapped yourself inside. However what they fail to understand is “it’s never too late for new beginnings and never too late to be happy”. And it’s you who has to make the choice between painfully continuing the state of misery or leaping up to a beautiful new life.

One may rightfully come up and say that living this way will lead to a highly unhappy state as there will be no content in life whatsoever we may achieve. Well to answer that with all the work done, you will definitely know when you walk that extra mile and receive what you have been dreaming for ages. And finally when you reach there, soul will feel a satisfaction it felt never before, and this time from within, without the need for that external pressure. That moment, ways to celebrate would fall short, your existence would start making sense and of thousands of roads, the one you need to traverse will shine bright. Above-all you’ll be living the life you created for yourself and not the one you forced yourself to be in.

Imagine what would have happened if Edison one day amidst his discoveries stopped to revel in his first accomplishment for the rest of his life, or for that matter all the great people who have been a reason for this world to be better place. Unimaginable right? Also there are innumerable stories of lives fallen prey to society’s double standards. Getting caught up with these standards is simply denying yourself on your face. Let’s not give in to these two sets of rules and choose to satisfy us the way we want. After all it’s your life and it’s enough that you love your decisions, the whole world doesn’t need to.

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