“Army” in Ads, greediness to companies

Posted by Omkar Singh
November 4, 2017

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In the recent past we have seen many ads based on Indian army theme. The main objective of these ads is to gain sympathy towards their product or brand. In other words they are using the national patriotism for the fulfillment of their self-greediness. On the name of giving tribute to Indian Armed forces these companies spending huge amount on TV ads.


If companies want to give tribute to armed forces then:

  • Why to give an ad, spending huge amount?
  • Why to use the company’s name in the ad?

For example, I have feed the hunger and poor people on the street or if I have given 2 Rupees to a beggar, I will be not posting on a social site. If yes, they may be trying to braggart themselves and this is the fact. In the same way few companies self-publicizing by the name “Army”.

If private entities care about Indian armed forces, then

Instead to spending huge money on TV ads, the same money can be contributed to Army relief fund or can be given to the martyr’s family.

In India we have certain laws regarding the use national emblem and national flag. It is stated that the national emblem cannot be used for commercial purpose. In the same way national army uniforms must also not be used for commercial purpose or for self-gains.

Army has brought guidelines that the uniforms must not sold in public or to unauthorized person as it may be alarm against the national interest.


The above news clearly states that sale of army uniforms to civilians may lead to terror attacks. Even after the release of strict guidelines by army officials, there is zero effect in the market. The latest fortune oil advt. by Akshay kumar is the great example. The celeb who is always in protection of army rights and their families, who has launched an app for the welfare of Army personnel, is responsible for breach of army laws


What should advertising standards council of India do?

ASCI should filters all the advt. which involves army uniforms or if any relatable.

What should govt. do?

Like National emblem or national flag, new law must be formulated for use Army uniforms.

What we can do?

Share this article to maximum so as everyone understand that these private companies are just trying to manipulate us by using army sentiments in ads.


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