Before You Throw That Wrapper On The Street…

Posted by Swachhagraha
November 2, 2017

Did you just throw that chips wrapper out of the bus window?

How often have you discarded polybags on the roads?

Did you know stray animals like cows and dogs end up eating them and get stuck in their digestive system?

Now have a re-look at the above scenarios…

Instead of throwing chip wrappers out of the bus window, you should keep it in your bag to be thrown in the dustbin.

Instead of discarding polybags on roads, you can keep them for future use!

Do these changes make you realise your potential to bring about an impactful change? If yes, then you are ready to be part of the Swachhagraha movement.

We at Swachhagraha believe that today’s youth have the ability to come up with innovative ideas by combining, changing, reapplying existing ones. Some of the pressing global challenges need innovation, a fresh look at things, an understanding of behaviour, and an entrepreneurial willingness to take risks. Our world requires individuals who are passionate and dedicated to tackling the global challenge of waste management.

In this spirit, Swachhagraha Youth has taken the initiative of ‘Creating a Culture of Cleanliness’ by empowering young leaders to promote civic consciousness amongst its citizens. Swachhagraha has strived to create a unique and interactive platform for them to learn, create and share innovative ideas that will act as a catalyst to bring about behaviour change and work towards a sustainable future.

Swachhagraha Youth is hosting ‘Trash the Trash’, an event of its kind where passionate young leaders will propose innovative ideas to address issues related to cleanliness and sanitation on November 7, 2017, at CEE, Ahmedabad.

This is an opportunity for youth to learn, debate and call for changes on how we can manage litter.

How to join ‘Trash the Trash’?

Participate in the event in three easy steps.

Step 1: Fill in the online registration form.

Step 2: Write a blog/article (350-500 word) or a photo story (50-100 word) or a video (max. 2 min) on ‘An act of cleanliness/sanitation that changed a life’ and attach it to the registration form.

Step 3: Shortlisted participants get to participate at the ‘Trash the Trash’ meeting scheduled for  November 7, 2017, at CEE, Ahmedabad!

The best three ideas win exciting prizes and will be taken up for further implementation!

Visit our website for more information: Swachhagraha

Let’s fight against filth with Swachhagraha.