Being a creative psychopath!

Posted by Neha Sonawane
November 19, 2017

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I was just 12 years old when I wrote my first peom Everyone praised me; my school teacher called me a gem and asked me a promise to always keep writing and embrace your creativity with full pride and dignity. I promised. Unaware of the darkness awaited for me in future I embrace my creativity. But it’s said na “you have to pay for everything” some ugly surprises were waiting for me! I remember a friend of mine; he is just like me a creative person who use to write and also loved to make movies said “Creativity is also a curse!” I ridiculed it saying stop being so negative. He just smiled. He knew I would learn it soon. And yes I did! Today his words echo and I can now imagine what hardships he must have faced in life. From being a very average student to not being able to fake in society it has become very hard survive. We creative people are very different, we see our world with different perspective, when something wrong happens we tend to overreact we are very sensitive but yes sensible though many now who may read this post will laugh out and wonder “when the hell on earth has this girl spoke something sensible! To all my unofficial critics “Thank you” for taking out your precious time from your hopeless time to give critics about me and gossiping and having a great laugh!!” See how talented I am!😎 People can have a laugh even in my absence. So imagine how much happiness I can give when in my presence! But its okay the fear of getting diabetes is considered. We speak of what we see and what we see is sometimes beyond average understanding. We wear our heart on our sleeve’s ❤ we are emotional; very emotional; so emotional that we can get depressed and land up being psychopaths! But that’s who we are! Today the world has left me alone coz m not like them can’t be on their standards of sensibilities and logic nor I can be mature like them. Today also I sit in class all alone!! People hate me! They don’t wanna talk to me. Some even doubt on my loyalty. They laugh on my tears and pain. But it’s OK I have to pay the price of being what I am and maybe that’s by embracing the loneliness. We come alone we go alone so big deal not everyone is lucky dying with their soulmate. So to all the smart sensible mature and logically blessed society and my so called friends I am not like you and I am proud of it! I am not going to stand on your standards so you all accept me. I am a Creative person and I shall never ditch my true identity. And I openly challenge to all those who haven’t embraced their true self from the fear of being abandoned by society. Do not fear, fight for your right. Rebel. No need to be an unofficial unpaid slave of this society. Just be honest with yourself. Stand out stand Proud!!

Thanks for reading this till last. Please do share it so that no one feels alone. Their are many gems who need to realize it.😇

Neha Sonawane
Creative writer.

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