Body Shaming

Posted by Abhilasha
November 12, 2017

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Too fat. Too thin. Too skinny. Too muscular. Short. Tall. Black. White – you ain’t ever right.

Body shaming isn’t a concept only for the fat woman sitting out there. It is for the skinny me, the muscular you, the short man and the young granny. It is the idea of the perfect human, created by this society.
I was a victim of body shaming for the 34C bust you couldn’t take your minds off.
They shut us up for the way we are. But, who decides this?
Your body is yours to own, no one elses to characterize. The fault is not in the curves you have, but in the eyes of the man who could never hold them right.
“You’re too fat” is nothing but an expression used by the weak to exert their fragile power. You’re no trophy to be their 36,24,36. The onus is not yours to take.
They say be yourself, and then give you guidelines for it.
But darling, take a look at yourself, you are beautiful the way you are.
You may be fat or thin, black or white, short or tall. But who cares, till the time you are you.
If we leave it upto them, they’d paint us black and blue. So, go out there, and just be- you.

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