Break stereotypes, Make your own Destiny!

Posted by rheashri borah
November 22, 2017

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The world you desire can be won as this is completely your journey and the choice is yours. No one else can live it better but you. The only person you are racing with is yourself. Listen to the voices of your heart and they will lead you where you need to be. So why worry about what people will think or say?

You don’t need anybody’s permission to be yourself. How much you wear, or the lack of it- is your choice. The only approval that should matter must be your own and no one else’s. Its going to be hard standing up for yourself,but being uncomfortable in your own skin is not going to be any easier .So what they think shouldn’t be your concern as people will always try to bring you down.
We make comparisons by seeing the length and depth of clothes and give them some stupid tags.Does it shows our personality? Not really but it definitely shows our mentality.It isn’t our job to be pretty or attractive if we do not wish to be. Why can’t we stop judging on the basis of measurements? We are not anyone’s property and are not born to be objectified. We don’t owe that to anyone in this world. What we do owe is honesty to ourself. So stop suffering in silence and stop hoping for a better world- you are the world. Be yourself and do what you think is right and not what they want you to be.

Any ritual or ceremony should be freedom to your thoughts. Learning it all your way. Decide if you want to do it because you’ve heard about it while growing up or you are being told to do. Do it because you want to do it and because you believe in it. Set yourself free from the multiple norms and unnecessary thought processes that society implement on us. And take a stand for who you are and majorly for what you believe in.

        Can I choose the life I want to live for myself? Can I wear what I want, how I want? Can I live my life in my own terms? Well we all should think upon these questions. They say the depth of our neckline decides our character. They say the length of our clothes makes us “that kind of a girl” . Now what kind of a girl is she? They say she’s ‘asking for it’. Yes, she is asking for it! She is asking for the respect she deserves, she is asking for her freedom of expression, she is asking for equality. She is the goddess yet she is deprived. She is desired but not allowed. She is more than just her culture and religion. She is a human being having equal rights and she deserves to choose her own destiny.

Rheashri Borah
Centre for studies in Journalism and Mass Communication, Dibrugarh University

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