Bring unity with humanity

Posted by Bhawna Jaiswal
November 27, 2017


Instead of voting “Ram Mandir” or ” Barbari  Masjid” , can’t we vote for “humanity” for bridging unity??
Whenever I fill any form whether it’s of national or an international importance , in the citizenship/nationality section I use to fill ” Indian” , and not “Hindu” , ” Muslim” , “Sikh” or ” Christian”.
Whenever something happens to me I screamed , ” Oh my god” , “Dua karna mere liye”, ” Pray for me” , “Guru ji “. Out of them God is a Christian word , Dua is an urdu word , Guru is generally used by sikhs. So when in difficulties I don’t discriminate between the religions , so why in good terms I should?
When the India was about to get freedom , and under the rule of British Crown , our constitution makers consisted of 50% of the muslims. But at that time they didn’t discriminate. Moreover after the formation of Muslim League , it was the Gandhiji and other political leaders who forced muslims to stay in India and form state with us. When they opposed and wanted to go Pakistan , It were ” the hindus ” who attacked on them and rebelled against  them and forcefully added them to our map (Hyderabad majorly).
If we turn the pages of history , do we consider ourselves right?? No and never.
APJ Abdul Kalam has given enough things to our country for which we may fall short of words. But why you don’t consider him? When you look at the celebrities , majority of them are muslims and they represent our nation in the global scenario and bring respect and fame to us , why you don’t include them?
Muslim who follow the Quran thoroughly , don’t drink , smoke , they respect for woman , for others , which is basically the “replica of a member of gayatri pariwar” in real sense. And 70 % of Indian Muslims fall into this category.
In case believe in Gayatri Goddess and respect Gayatri Mantra the most. If I will ask you to worship “Shiv, Vishnu , Sai or krishna” from tomorrow , will you? No!
Because you have a certain believe regarding that and you think that it is right.
Similarly a muslim guy who since the age of 7 years is offering “namaz” and have faith on “Allah” , if you will ask him to worship “Ram” , he won’t.
During the period when the vedas were written , there was the four fold caste system : Brahmans, Kshatriyas , Vaishyas and Sudras.
Brahmans were given the top most priority , but they were the only one who exploited the lower castes. They used to sacrifice animals and many more things that weren’t  good. Even after , our society owe them as “God”. Why?No reason right!
And I want to say small thing about terrorism.
“Terrorism has no religion. It is a modified religion which is a blend of all those things of every religion which suits them. And the people who join terrorism , is their will.Its not the muslim or the other religion. After joining the group , he is forced to follow their self made religion. And it’s the fault of an individual and not of any country or any religion.”
We are human beings and when we are born  as the creation of god. And there is only one God that is “HUMANITY” (what I believe).
Humanity itself has a big definition. If you are not a good human being then even if you sit for 24hrs in front of God, its not worth.
It actually doesn’t matter , the origin of your existence , the thing which matters is that “How you exist “
If being grown up , you discriminate the caste , creed , religion , race , color , complexion , rich , poor , then believe me you are flushing your education and experience which you have earned till now.
If “Ram Mandir” needs vote of Hindus , then “Mosque” too need a vote of respect from Muslims.
I won’t vote for the either , because I believe in “Humanity” and voting won’t define it anyway.
Bhawna Jaiswal
(A proud Indian)

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