Byju’s App: Multi-Modal Learning Strategies for Students

Posted by Nidhi Mahajan
November 8, 2017

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The multi-modal learning has become a success in all educational institutes from lower classes to higher classes, with enhanced technologies which refer to the different way of learning and is mainly used to learn something in a new way to understand and recollect it very easily. This sort of learning is for those children who are poor or average in their studies and to score more in their exams. These methods of learning comprise of both the audio and video presentations including poems, rhymes, lectures, powerpoint presentations and the animations where students can easily understand and remember the concept.

Thanks to this technology that made the student’s job easier. It has reduced the student’s stress and time in referring books in the library for their notes, attending coaching classes or tuitions, browsing for more subject material and so on.

This new model of learning is available on CD’s, DVD’s, tablets and also in apps which can be used either in mobile phones or computer and laptops.

Here is a detailed Byjus App review which helps in preparing for both board exams and other competitive exams including JEE, CAT, IAS and lot more. This app includes complete curriculum along with video lectures, solved sample paper, glossary and guidance for clearing board exams.

Constructing a Global Platform: There are many educational applications which can be easily downloaded on android mobiles and laptops to make it easier for both students and parents.

Effective E-assessment: The advantage of this online assessment is that both the students and parents can know about the performance progress within a fraction of minutes after completing the test.

For board exam preparation: This involves ebook, formulae, mock test papers,  solution for previous year question papers, MCQs- Multiple choice questions, solved problems,  question bank, daily online assessment, glossary, synopsis and a lot more. Here, a student can practice a number of the questions and can also re-attempt the same test for their improvements.

Tricks and guidelines for Math Competitive Exams: This learning app includes exercise on every chapter. Apart from this, it also provides the easy tricks to remember the formulae and how to solve and present the problems in a sequential manner which are all explained in detail by the subject experts.

Subject-oriented Apps: There are different apps available for related subjects such as English, physics, math, chemistry, and biology. These apps have a picture-perfect explanation for all the topics with sufficient instances, diagram, samples, and mock test.

To know more about Byju’s related Apps, visit Byju’s.

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