Changing Face of literature

Posted by Sakshi Singh
November 6, 2017

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Literature is a canon which consists of those works in language by which a community defines itself. The self-defining activity of community is conducted in the light of works as its members have come to read or concretize them. In this rapidly globalizing world, the community of readers and writers has witnessed a change. Since the dawn of 21st century literature looks a lot different than it did fifty years ago. In the past few years, a fresh wave of young writers have invaded this field bringing along with them bucket full of fresh literary work.

Today, we face a plethora of young adult writers who write respectively every conceivable genre and literary style, with the advent of this fresh wave of writers, the writing style has seen a change. The young authors are more of commercial writers. The advent of e-books has proven to be a boon for all young aspiring writers as it opened numerous portals of opportunities for them. Today, it’s easier to get published than it was ever before. Many young aspiring writers feel Anthologies and self-publications are the best way of getting your work published. It seems like the society is getting more conscious towards those who aspire to be in this field or has an innate flare for such and this might be the reason why more and more opportunities seem to be out there for them. ‘Write India Write’, a short story competition organised by Times Of India is just one such example which provides young and aspiring writers to share their creations with the world.


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