Chapter 1 : This is all I have!

Posted by Sumit Singh
November 18, 2017

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I was sitting in the corner, in my favorite chair waiting to hear that voice. Those words: “Are you still there or should I call the police?” Two months had passed and
I was still hoping that someday, I will hear that voice again. I believe in magic and was sure that it will help me find her someday. The woods kept burning and so
did I and soon the warmth of the atmosphere consumed me. Regular knocking on the door woke me up, there was someone with a letter in his hand and was looking for Mr. Alex Dsouja. You got me,
I said: as the postman handed the letter and waved by. I looked for my spectacles and it started :

Alex Dsouza
45th Street Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Dear Alex,

Your answers are lying here:

M15, Rajveer Apartment
JLN path, Jaipur.

I smacked the letter on the table as I proceeded to have my breakfast. Someone was really playing a prank on me, otherwise, at an age of 65 I wasn’t supposed
to return to the place I hated the most.
Yeah! it all started in Jaipur 40 years from now and I don’t want to recall a moment of it.
It was 10 o clock and time to open the “The Lovers Cookie”. As of now, this shop is the only thing I have. It gives me enough earning to live a healthy life and
donate rest to the “The Elite Magic” which was started by my wife 30 years ago. It was one of the first thing she did after we moved to California, even before we made
our first love. There is a reason, why everyone is so happy, when she is around and is based on a simple principle of “The Paddle Theory”, as she used to call it. According to
her when you hit on a paddle of the bicycle, the other paddle automatically rotates and this is how happiness is related, if you put happiness on one paddle and strike it,
it will come back to you. And she had numerous examples to prove her right, You can never win from her. She would cross all levels to prove her right. The day ended with a hope of seeing her and she was there,
preparing coffee for me as the thunder strike on my dream, its gonna be a stormy night, I told to myself as I entered our bedroom.



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