Choose her happiness or suffer for her Whole life by always apologising

Posted by Vandana Konchada
November 28, 2017

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There was a girl named Vandita and she was suffering from depression due to breakup. And few days later a new boy comes to her life and he was Harsh. That boy harsh liked her from the first time when he saw  that girl. And slowly slowly he tries to become her friend then after their friendship started the boy one day expressed his feeling for that girl. And the girl also accepted his relationship. But the boy from the first day itself lied each and everything to that girl because the boy thought that her girl only loved him because of his fame,money and name. But the boy was absolutely wrong because the girl only wanted that his boy should only love him ,she never wanted any money ,etc. The boy lied each and everything and always hurted that girl but that girl always thought that it was only that girls mistake because she thought that she was not able to give him the actual love what he deserved. The boy only wants  that the girl should only impress him ,give him importance infront of everyone and wants to romance with that girl even in public place too ,as the girl didn’t like it so she denied for it and it hurted alot to that boy. So that boy got angry there was a small fighting inbetween them but every time even though the girl was right she apologized for the his mistake because that girl really love him and don’t want to loose him. And one day the girl was so sick that she was admitted in the hospital so she couldn’t even talk to that boy for the couple of days then the boy thought that the girl was with someone else in another relationship with another boy. So that boy balmed that the girl was characterless , cheap, sameless ,and he also blamed that the girl gave him Dhoka. Even if the boy balmed so much still the girl loved him because that girl don’t want to loose him  in his life. But the boy never understood her feelings, her tears, her pain. He always abused that girl . So once day that girl decided to breakup with Harsh and she did it. But after doing that the boy still now balmed that she is in relationship with anyone else but even after doing breakup also that girl still love harsh. So now she is in confusion that whether she took the correct decision by breaking up with him or again she should apologize that it’s her mistake and start a painfull relationship????

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