Posted by Ashutosh Mishra
November 20, 2017

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He was still walking. As long as his memory served him, he had been walking only. He could not remember his parents name nor his friends’. He has always been alone. The centre of the universe. Calm and tranquil. He never bothered to talk to anyone. Maybe, that’s the reason none ever talked to him even. But that didn’t explain why some considered him as their biggest enemy. As far as he remembered, he never did any wrong to anybody. But still a majority was alienated from him.
He also knew that it was a recent phenomenon. He had walked through the period where there was only ice everywhere, then there was water, and then there were all of them. He admitted to the fact that he had no idea from where everybody came. It was alright for him when people used to think only about themselves. He had seen them fighting among themselves, for food, for shelter, or for other things which were of no great importance to him. But it was alright because they never pointed a finger towards him. Everybody was busy in doing their duties like a river which knows its destination and nothing else. Like a river, whatever came in their path, they destroyed and kept moving. He was happy, but that was not to last for long.
Now, they had started building societies among themselves. And as he walked, he saw the societies become larger and larger. Now things were moving steadily. They had started working together. Some of them had started living together also, he had no idea why. Those who lived together always stayed together. He was remarkably intrigued. As he had no friends or family, it was pretty different from what he has ever imagined how life could be. He was even a little jealous because people were becoming less and less dependent upon him. It was his land, they came here and made it their own. But at least his presence was now acknowledged. He hoped of getting a revered position among them.
But to his shock he saw them praising and praying to someone he never saw. He moved from society to society, everyone had their beliefs to someone he didn’t know. It was discouraging for him but he was resolute and relentless in his walk. He was disheartened but did not stop. And soon, he found people fighting among themselves. He tried to find out the reason but he could not deduce a simple and single reason. The reasons were mostly insignificant but he was happy as they were not fighting in his name. He felt sorry for the persons that they held up as their idols. Dejected, he kept walking.
He is still walking.

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