C’mon, Memes On Kamlesh Are Not Funny!

Posted by Talha Rashiđ in #NoPlace4Hate, Media
November 13, 2017
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I woke up this morning with a notification from Instagram on my phone that told me I had been tagged in a post. As usual, it was a meme. On 9 out 10 days, memes are hilarious AF.

But in this world where every moment changes into fun for meme makers, we have lost our sensibility on even sensitive issues.

Over the last 15-20 days, a video called ‘Kamlesh Solution Video’ has taken over the internet. The 3-minute clip starts with a 13-year-old boy sharing how he ran away from his home to Delhi. This boy, who works as a ragpicker, is addicted to all kind of drugs available to him to the extent that he does not even want to go back home to his mother as he won’t be allowed to continue using drugs.

This video clip is a part of a documentary directed by Neeraj Sharma ‘Nashebaaz – The Dying People Of Delhi’ which aims to bring out the harsh reality and living conditions of the people addicted to any kind of drug. The director, Neeraj Sharma would not have imagined that his attempt to bring out the painful life of drug abusers would turn into this. Meme-makers haven’t hesitated in mocking a 13-year-old boy who needs proper rehabilitation.

Kamlesh could not understand what he has gotten into and needs proper rehabilitation and counselling but what has happened to us? Do we also need rehabilitation? It seems like we are addicted to memes so much that we are willing to lose all sensitivity, just for some likes and shares.

C’mon guys, mocking a 13-year-old struggling with addiction for his accent and using ‘Kamles’, ‘Soluchan’ and ‘dun dun dun’ in your memes does not make you cool.