Denying The Fact That You’ve Failed Won’t Make You Stronger

Posted by Pragati Sambrani
November 16, 2017

Life and death are crisis. This isn’t new news to any of us. Here’s something new – maybe they’re because we don’t know how to deal with them.

Lets bring up some facts. No one can conquer death. That’s inevitable. Maybe thinking about it in a positive way just minimises our stress, but that isn’t going to change anything. You may die today or tomorrow, either while walking on the road or while  fighting for your country or any other way. The bottom line is that you can’t do anything about death.

Then what can you conquer? Life? Is that even possible?

You’ll obviously regret things in life when they don’t go well, when you screw up in your relationships, when you don’t succeed at work, when you fail your exams, when you let your parents down for the millionth time or when absolutely nothing goes right.

That’s what life’s all about. Shitty things happening to you even when none of it is your fault.

Life is like a stubborn child. It pushes you into a labyrinth when you don’t want to get into one.  Most of the times, it pushes you into one when you aren’t even out of the previous one. And what are we expected to do? Deal with it. No matter what is thrown at you, you’re expected to ‘go with the flow’.

And is that what you’re supposed to do? Just go with the flow?

No. You can take a break.

Denying the fact that you’ve fallen down isn’t going to make you stronger. Be honest to yourself. When you fail and fall down,you’re going have an ‘adrenaline rush’. It’s when you’re going to panic to a degree of infinity. You’ll go blank,you won’t have answers to the simplest questions and you’ll fail to interpret your own situation.

It’s going to be like someone has pushed you down onto the ground leaving nothing but dust all around you and your eyes have already begun to burn. What do you do?

Life often doesn’t give you what you want. So now, you’re left with only one choice – that is to survive the situation.

But let’s face it, we’re human beings and not machines. We aren’t devoid of emotions such as fear and tiredness, so you need to give yourself a break. Stay down for a while, take deep breaths and look around you. Do what you love – music, dance, travel,write, read or even sleep and  save your energy for something more productive. Don’t force yourself to get up.

And when you’re ready to get up, your entire universe will feel smaller. Just like all the energy you have is way greater than what the universe has or will ever have to force you down all over again. When you feel this way, is when you know for sure that you’re ready to move forward. This is when you must force yourself up. Motivate yourself to do better this time.

You’ll realise that you don’t need a Mercedes because your own Santro can take you a longer way.

In no time you’ll have harder problems thrown right at your face, but you’ll know how to handle them. The frequency is going to make you mightier each time. And there’ll come a time when the toughest problems are going to bang you in your head and all you’ll have to do is look up to the sky and smirk with your head held high and your shoulders strong because no matter what, you’re going to be fine.

So,now,can you conquer life?