November 20, 2017

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For the first time in the country “crowd sourced” elections results predictor would be deployed by Datalantis Pulse to assess the outcome of the extremely engaging Assembly elections in Gujarat next month.


Technology innovation company, Idealantis Technologies, along with well-known political research organisation, Peoples Pulse, began the Gujarat Election Predictor today with the announcement of candidates by both major parties. The predictions would be gathered at and would be made public on 14 December at 6 pm by Datalantis Pulse.


“The key to this ‘prediction market’ is to know what a person predicts would happen irrespective of whether one wants that outcome or not. This is distinct from conventional surveys and polls that are structured to know what a person wants to happen. We are not dealing in speculation but an established set of voters offering their prediction in Gujarat ”, Idealantis Technologies managing director Mr Sai Panyam explained.


“In elections in the West market predictions have been more accurate as the markets generate informed consensus rather than average opinions”, their director Mr Pavan Vatti said.


The data sourced from the crowd would cover the number of seats that would be won by the main parties and their respective vote share. Participants have the additional facility of correcting their prediction during the course of this election season.


The market size to make an election prediction can scale up to hundreds of thousands of participants. The use of technology ensures that there is no corresponding cost escalation and more importantly the dynamic results would be gathered in real time and in a continuous fashion.


“Peoples Pulse has on-the-field experience which we are marrying with the technology Idealantis is offering so that we can make as accurate a prediction as possible for what is being billed as a high stake state election”, Peoples Pulse senior researcher Mr Bathula Suresh Babu said.



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