Crying indian Goddess

Posted by Arun Bedi
November 19, 2017

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India, a country who worship women as Goddess, still 92 goddess get rape everyday(reported) . The shame is more of mentality than that of statistics, so I am not going to play any stats game here.

India has been a patriarchy society from beginning and this patriarchy had given birth to misogynism which still doing a great job even today. Because, Men who used to be egoistic has now become wild too and this causing barbarity. It’s not like that only India is a safe place for sexiest society whole world got this male chauvinist views and this mayhem would continue if the Women herself don’tshow the valour of fighting Alongwith sone sensible men( which are now on the verge of extinction)
Actually, this fake masculinity fears the rising voices from women. But the worst part is that even Indian women are brainwashed in the name of fear, religions or any other imperative culture.
Modern Indian feminists are also responsible for this continuation of downfall of women which has limited their empowerment to “Right to sex” & “Right to wear”. Feminism has now become the slave of metropolitan women. They never shown their concern towards real India which lives in rural area where suppression of women is in extreme.
I admit that whole world is a male dominating society but Indians are ignorant enough to play the game of victim blaming. We have become such a bigots to blame girl’s clothes, her character ,her sexual desires but no one has courage to talk about rapists, eve teasers , molesters and harrasers.
I haven’t talked about Political and Religious aspects of these because I have lost faith in these a long ago.
So, stop worshipping her when you can’t give her equality , she doesn’t need to be called Durga, she doesn’t need sympathy anymore all she wants is justice, she doesn’t want yoy to respect her but she doesn’t deserve to be disrespect either. And stop claiming her Goddess start treating her as Human first.

Arundeep Bedi

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