de-facto Dictatorship

Posted by rahim yusuf
November 10, 2017

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Journalism has once been considered one of the most honest professions which could revolutionize the society. For certain decades, it has been termed as a degrading and demeaning livelihood. At this time, journalism has become a dangerous source of, contributing to the society.

Every dictatorship or de-facto dictatorship demands control over its people, to exist and continue to remain the head of the state. History bears witness to the wits and atrocities every authoritarian ruler used, to censor “sensitive content”.
We are living in a democratic country with basic fundamental rights such as Right to speak, that is right to raise your voice and opinions.
One can compare those atrocities to a certain level with our own country. Control over the media, Institutional murders, murders of innocent journalists, surveillance of private chats and social media activities. Recently an 18-year-old boy from Muzaffarnagar was Jailed over a comment on Facebook.
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Does this mean that now our private chats and social media activities are being monitored?
Gauri Lankesh and many other journalists who are murdered. On the sole purpose of inflicting control.
“Writing against RSS cost Gauri Lankesh her life”- Jeevaraj Alva, BJP MLA and former minister.
It has become an era of ignorance. Ignorance over facts is the new trend. Either it is ignorance or the murder of our conscience. I refuse to chose either of them.
Those who choose to speak up are either defamed as terrorists or killed.
State is afraid that it might end the authoritative regime, it has been operating upon. The more people reason, the more they understand about this de-facto totalitarian rule.
We have to choose now. Whether we want to curb our voices and let the perpetrators roam free or we have to do something.
We must not be conveniently distracted and moulded into a certain direction to meet the agenda of these liars.

It is high time that we realize. Either we ignore or we work?


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