Dear Govt. Don’t mislead us with the rights if you can’t justify them.

Posted by Akshay Sharma
November 22, 2017

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Article 19, 20, 21, 22 guarantees the freedom of expression in India. Well I may perceive the history differently and I have all the rights to express my views on it even if someone finds

my facts incorrect or even if they are incorrect. You, on the other hand have all the rights to discard my views. You can’t behead me just because you don’t agree with me. Who the hell gave you the ownership of history or the historical facts.
Many nincompoops are openly offering a price for beheading someone who atleast represents our country in some field. I don’t know if any action is taken against such threats  by the government of India.

On the other hand as part of freedom of expression someone made a movie which seems to be a visual treat to general public is BANNED by the State government (Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh) itself that too without watching it.

Why on the first place a censor board is established when the politicians decide the future of a movie.

That’s not all, you even have a problem if we try to show the reality in order to create awareness.  You discard it by calling it a defamation. Yes I am talking about Udta Punjab, which tried to portray that punjab is something more than Sarson ke khet.

These acts clearly prove that the government is highly influenced by such idiots and not the common man.
Please don’t mislead us with the rights if you cannot justify them.

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