Dear Manushi, Priyanka And Aishwarya – I am not proud of you And No one should Be

Since my childhood I was a big fan of Indian movies, usually I enjoy Hindi movies (So Called Indian movies, Cause population matters) in my early days also I could easily say the name of all cine-stars & much importantly co-stars. Then I noticed a pattern that some actor or actresses were playing the lead roles & some in the supportive roles repeatedly. I had this question in my mind why that supporting actor is not playing the lead role in any movie .One day I asked my elder sister, she replied with so much ease that they are in supporting role because they are not beautiful.


After that when i started to know more about that I got to know many things about being beautiful, Those girls of my class were beautiful who were Gori (white) .Things were not limited to white only as I noticed that fat girl is not said beautiful just because she is terms of boys also, muscular, handsome & long guys were said beautiful.

The word is beautiful is very simple. What gives us pleasures to our eyes & heart is termed as beautiful. Anything is beautiful it may be mountain, rivers, valleys, lakes, roads, streets, crowd or village fair.

Is our understanding of the word beautiful is that much simpler??

Answer will be a Big NO.

That girl should be white( like the actress from fair & lovely Ad),should be thin, her breast should be swelled, her neck should be long, hair should be boys, that boys should be slim, muscular & handsome etc. etc. What if an human doesn’t have all these characters, simply we call them ugly, fatso, papad, titli & kalikaluti is also common to us to name anybody who is not beautiful.




Why Manushi I mentioned you ?

Beauty contest is not just a contest; it’s a worldwide measurement of society’s hypocrated perceptions of beautifulness. Let me just note some eligibility criteria of Femina Miss World.

  • She shouldn’t be a mother
  • She should be in age gap of 16-25
  • She should carry complete identity of a girl. & many more.

Now, mothers can’t be beautiful, girls can’t be beautiful after 25,no transgender is beautiful. No it’s all because they can’t give their prestigious award to a lady, who can’t be the Mobile wallpaper of the world on the next day.

By the way what is the struggle & talent you need to win this competition? Literally nothing. Today I should be proud of Saina Nehwal & Marry Kum, not you.

Just to point out Manushi, Your winning speech “I will work for the betterment of society & mankind” loosely translates into “I will do Bollywood films”

Let the perception run.

Let all tag Rahul, Amit & Rakesh in the photos of Fat & Black girls.

Let’s make fun of all so called ugly people & say “I was joking”.

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