Demonetisation Aniversary

Posted by priya saini
November 16, 2017

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How do you feel if all your money or can say that all your hardwork gets wasted in just few hours ? It gives you a huge shock but it gives you a heartattack when you came to know 3-4 hours earlier before the demonetisation. 8 November yes 8 November means the day before yesterday was considerbed as a black day for most of the people because on this day we lost our high currency 500 and 1000 notes . 8 November 2016 was the day when this announcement came out that 500-1000 notes are getting invalid next day . The day before yesterday means 8 November was a anti black money day for some people especially BJP government as they were saying that they were fighting against corruption . But for most of the people specially congress it was a black day for democracy and economy . The impact of demonetisation is very negative because many people lost their lives . As well as it has drastically affected our Indian economy level. Due to demonetisation mostly people were investing their money in buying gold . There were huge queues in front of ATMs and banks . People are even calling their dear and near ones for their money adjustments. People were only getting rs 4000 per day at that time . We are not denying the face that it also has a good impact on country like now the terrorism will decrease because their funding will also get affected . It leads to a great check on the terror related activities. Indian currency may get respect at the international markets . Corruption shall be down to a great extent as people will stop the tendency of accumulating money using wrong means .

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