Depression made me a ‘Fighter’

Posted by Uma
November 26, 2017

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We all have some phase in our life when we had gone through the worst. Some may quit and some just ignore. But, in my case I brought my best from that worst. It happened a while ago when I was 16 and was studying pre-engineering. As usually,  my typical Indian parents made me join a corporate college for the most self-proclaimed course ‘M. P. C’. Everything was going fine till the day when I admitted the fact that I’m not worth it. My lecturers and parents threw bundles of pressures on me instead. My everyday with sunshine turned grey. As expected, I failed in a subject in the final exam. My relatives turned the gloomy me into the literal tragedy. But, somewhere I found a piece of hope left beneath my despair. I gathered all that hope and used it to attach the broken pieces of my confidence. I waited for the day I could show what I’m. I graduated with bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism. I secured a job in a very renowned company. And now I’m getting a handsome pay more than those who made fun of my failures and laughed at my grief. So, this is my story. Hope it might motivate few.

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