November 13, 2017

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I received a call from one of the school where I applied for Entrance. I can say that it was just before a week. Oh! It was very immense to me. I prepared. I went their along with my Mumma. If I say, a very enthusiastic lady and very lucky to me. However, it was about an hour while standing outside the gate of the school premises. Many students were there, few were looking so intelligent. They could be because of their dressing sense or the way of conversation. Finally, there was a call for entry and all the candidates went inside, taking blessings of their parents. I was too but at last of 5th or 6th. I do not remember. Touching feet of my mum and I went inside. I took my eyes on board, where so our rooms have been allocated. The room were separated accordingly to the Streams, so it was not so difficult to find the hall of examination. The clock struck at about 9 A.M., we got a paper to solve. Till then I didn’t know or bothered about others who seated beside me or in my class. What I know was just to qualify the entrance. But, everyone use to get distract. If not true, then keep hand on your heart and ask yourself, you’ll get the answer. So, I too got. Do you want to know?
Let me tell you. I was because of who seated left to me. A beautiful or say with an innocent look or face. Looking adorable, not because she dressed so well. But, because of way she was seated or what so ever thinking. Well, that was not an issue. The issue was of Distraction.
It can be in any way. It can be when you think for someone so much, addicted to net, addicted to outer world or addicted to wrong things. But you get.
I Admired. It was not looking like that I was distracted from my path, but like I was on some another path taking my motive along with me. I admired her. I admired her smile. I admired her eyes. I admired her so qualities. Even today also, where we don’t love or like to talk each other, I admire her.
If I say, how I got the true feelings and when I attached or indulged to her, I don’t know. But how the days passed for Interview, I don’t know once again


Where I left?
Hmmmm! Ya, so I was on the day of Interview. But before moving forward, I want to tell you all that I got selected for Interview. I thought then that the girl who seated left to me would be the next lucky one for me. Leave it. Proceeding further, I was in the school campus once again after four days. We again reached there half an hour before. Soon, after fifteen minutes while reaching there, I saw one vehicle stop in front of me. Oh! A blue light on head of that, I surprised. You all know that your mates sometime tease you with the sayings: “Where you and where she/he is.” Fine same happened to me. But, I ignored. Coming to the topic, we (all candidates along with their parents) were called in one room. We took our seat and a single paper was given to us in which parents have to fill something, it was type of Performa.
After few minutes, that girl name was called out firstly for interview. Second was I. Somewhere smile was there. She went after few minutes I too. We had to sit in another room after the interview separated from parents. So we did according to that. She was there in room, as I entered just what was there is Silence. Silence but to Admire. She was looking innocent as I saw very clearly to her. Just what was there on her face is to admire her. Something was there. Still today also, I am a priest of her goodness. I want to talk to her but My Brain was saying NO…. It was saying Beta not to do so… If you want to gain the attention, be silent for few mins. she would talk to you from her own. Oh really, it happened. She turned and asked me how your interview was. Ah! Aha! What a voice. Melodious…No…Masooomiyat.. Yupp. So in reply, I said it was fine but not sure that I would get selected or not. I asked her how was her. She replied very politely, it was all good but in Eco she was not able to answer. A few min conversations were there. Then I quit.
Amazing…. So good…


Miss Comm. means Miss Commerce.

Girl with pure heart and full of goodness. Not a pity fault. This is enough to tell and describe about her. I am fascinated to say, what sacraments she got from her parents or from anywhere, I also didn’t. I am proud of myself that I got parents who use to make me understand all the facts related to this world and all about how to respect girls and elders. But somewhere, I think she is much more.

It is melioration for me and I can say it was like that someone knocked the inner feeling of me suddenly. Leaving and moving further, I want to tell you about her.  There is not so much to describe but what I have is enough to praise her.

A girl with little bit small eyes wearing black frame spects…Ah! Adorable. If I tell about face, then it’s like newly born baby having chubby cheeks to play with… Sorry! But Miss Comm. you are so pretty to describe. On very first day, I was totally unable to concentrate on my paper, fully distracted from very first day. But, I controlled myself and passed out. Oh! I use to get away from the topic. Sorry guys… Hairs…Hairs’ were enough to see her beauty. But didn’t know she was so bigger than it before which she has in present now. If I say, she was looking like doll little bit.

I remember when my brother was of age 2 or 3, he was gifted with one doll. Fatty and smiling and sometimes I use to play with that…Ha ha ha.. That isn’t a joke. Here same thing was there. She always uses to Smile and when she smile somewhere and somehow Heart smiles. I am not popping. But feeling pops up. I must not to write all these. But she is so good, not from her face and hair but her expressions, way of speaking and doing with juniors. All are so fine, that anyone can fall for her. I think, I was the first. Ha ha ha…

She can’t express anger. She can’t lie to teachers. She can’t speak aggressively to anyone. She is just fine with her work. What others are doing doesn’t matter to her. And the very positive point, she helps all who is in need.


Thank you Chashmish for being part of us…

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