Posted by Ajay Taid
November 13, 2017

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Desire is define as the strong feeling of wanting something but how much it’s exist in real life, where each day you’ll get many complication to handle the situation. We Human Beings are far more clever then any one on earth ever thought of, to round up one’s mind. Each day you woke up with a desire to achieve something or to complete any form of work. Ours Heart and Mind having there own way of disclosing their desire. They got up in debate whether to do the task or not, but one more complication you have to faced on is the laziness, where many peoples used to give up on it.

To complete any work done, one should have strong mind set where it can emphasis both heart & mind to beat up accordingly.

The favor comes when the Patience get it’s strength to not hurt when desire doesn’t comes true,where it give a hope to exist the desire to move on to the next one with required dedication. which is closer to the succeeding.

Desire are of different type, one which you like but you don’t want it & the other one which you want it most but it’s hard to get on it. we peoples are kind of strange creature where the things which we get, we are not satisfied from it rather then wanting the one which is far most not our cup of coffee.

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