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Despair to Faith

Posted by Khujith Rajueni
November 26, 2017

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Unseen to us, we are all a part of a great plan. This plan is well understood by some and suffices to say, incomprehensible to some.
Let me bring upon light an intense aspect of my life that supersedes a lot of others as well as my calcified ideas, the inability to discern, (symbolically speaking between water and milk) and gullibility.
Some time ago, my life brought me to a stand where I could either chose to be honest to my parents regarding my “homosexuality” & “individuality” or live a lie. As time gives us opportunities, we learn to discover more about ourselves. During this part of self-realization, greater problems arise simultaneously. This fall of time is not specific to me but to the lives of all who are one. I faltered, as many would do in my place.
There came a point where there was more lack of good self-esteem, inevitable pride was cuddling shoulders and poor self-image made me loose hope.
But as mentioned by Carl Hemmingway, “We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in”, made me question more about myself.
Need not say much but the question that would arise in my mind would be,
Who am I? Why This? Why me? Can I cure it?
As this existence of a lie was eating me from outside so were these questions from inside.
I believe that everything in the universe has an answer, an answer to each an every failure of our life. My belief was guided by patience. Faith broke limitations and the inner ability to refrain from unwholesome deeds kept me on the path.
Well, time reached. The moment of answers was now there. Stumbling against ideas gave me access to this “realm” where the concept of Homosexuality is completely different than how we think.
I came across a Master of Chinese origin. He touched my soul and healed my life.
Through him many of my unanswered queries were countered by the reconciliation of my heart, the heart that held the fear of the society, the community and the people who governed it.
This time HE made me realize that within us The Great Light seeks to express ITSELF thorough the paranormal evolution of the human race.
This evolution doesn’t stand to bring down people into monotonous actions and behavior but to express itself under the Sun of Equality.
Blessed is my life as to see all with compassionate eyes!

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