Dishonesty Is The Best Policy

Posted by Shahid Imran
November 3, 2017

The well known, “Honesty is the best policy” has almost become obsolete in this age of materialism where money is the order of the day. It is the love of money which entices a person to do away with the honesty and to cherish the practice of dishonesty, which they think to be the only weapon for living a luxurious life. And dishonesty finds Kashmir to be a suitable place to flourish.

Human values like truthfulness, justice, selflessness and goodness have been replaced by falsehood, injustice, selfishness, wickedness and so on for accumulating wealth. We consider an honest person to be an unwanted weed and plague in our corrupt society. We put honest people in embarrassed positions only for our gains. We show contempt and even mock at the word ‘honest’.

At the very outset when a baby enters into this earthly life, he is what Wordsworth calls “a blessed seer” but the values of dishonesty and the environment around the child, play a vital role in transforming their innocent nature. The environment is like a powerful catalyst which compels an individual to become dishonest.

Honesty <——environment as a catalyst——-> dishonesty.

Every individual in this so called paradise worships dishonesty in all its forms. We have a spoiled the valley of rishis that murder humans values, people are grabbing one’s property and some people set ablaze our educational institutions.

We embrace and love dishonesty by ignoring all ideals and are responsible for the overall mess in this state.

Dishonesty is the root cause of all evils in our society that has rotten it. The social fabric is at stake and we see crime in every nook and corner. It is the moral responsibility of homes, schools and religious institutions to sow the seeds of honesty which could transform this crime society/ occupied state into paradise again.