Do we need a new Religion?

Posted by Saurabh Parmar
November 8, 2017

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Since the ancient times only, Humans had the habit to associate himself and his surrounding happenings to one or the other faith. For starters, Natural forces served as a purpose to it to explain the earthly phenomenon. For example-Droughts, earthquakes were all seen as act of god. This association led to the establishment of fatalism attitude in ourselves which made us believe that only environment governs us and we have no role to play. But with the ushering of scientific era, Man started humanizing  the nature and made this relationship a two way process.

Same kind of relationship equilibrium was seen in the context of religious affairs. Where In earlier times, the goal of religion was to simplify the human life, define a well lived life and bring humans closer to salvation, the coming times was marked by the the introduction of rituals and various evil practices which eroded the very fabric of philosophy of religion.

For example, Buddhism started out as a philosophy to weed out ill treating social malaise. The aim was to make one attain MoKsha in his/her lifetime but the gradual generations divided the sect and brought in idol worship. Owing to this the original ideology of Buddhism was forgotten, that’s one instance of how humans started influencing religion and made themselves greater than the cause.

What started out as a movement to correct the wrongs in the society itself got institutionalized with wrongs.Symbolism and extreme communalism became the norm of our society. In this race, the fairness of human life became the first casualty.

This goal displacement transferred the belief from self attainment od content to the literal interpretations of scriptures that were written and professed by sundry men of their own logic. In this process, we became fundamentalist in our approach. This is the reason we are witnessing rise in intolerance,hate crimes and apathy towards each other. It led to the bickering between people for the so called idea of a ‘ True religion’. Whereas we are always told to do the things ‘right’ as per the religions we follow, the need of the hour is to do the ‘ right’ thing which brings humans together

Where the religion failed?

It failed in 2 aspects. Firstly in its sectarian approach. Though the religion claims that real supreme is one, only the paths are many. These paths are sometimes conflicting in nature which pushes humans against one another.

Secondly, the bigger problem of religion is that it doesn’t put humans at the centre stage of development. Triple talaq in Islam and Sati in Hindu traditions stand testimony to this. Religion puts ideas, spiritual aspects in high esteem but not the very beings who possess this.

Therefore I want to propose a new religion as a remedy-

The religion of humanity with atop a God of rationality. Humanism because that is the only principle that can make us work toward the common idea of development. This coordination lies not on the basis that we can satisfy each other’s need and aspirations, but on the simple fact that we all belong to same specie. Rationality, because without thinking and sound conclusions, no individual or a country can make sustainable decisions.We not only need to ask questions but the right questions. We need to ensure the longevity of our survival and only Rationalism can serve as the guiding principle to make it a reality.

The goal of life should be the attainment of happiness not only for oneself but for others too. I don’t say that religion is bad, but always wearing religion on sleeves hiding humanism underneath is no less than a crime. And religion needs to be re-analysed from the dimensions of scientific basis, practicality, ethical aspects etc. As Historian Akshay Kumar dutt cited medical opinions against child marriage.

So I want to reach out to everyone, profess about this important ideology and just hope that one day we all are governed by the same norms that are humane and rational in approach.

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